The Epiphany of the Lord
Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

2nd Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A

January 15, 2023

Second Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A






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IsaiahIn the first reading, the people were in exile in Babylon.  They had lost everything. 

 They were at an all time low and Isaiah gave them the hope that God would not abandon his people; that One would come that would bring salvation for the whole world. 

They were once again given hope. 


Perhaps this can be also for us when we are in a down state. 

God will not abandon us. 



In the second reading written somewhere around  50 AD, Paul went to preach in Corinth which was a Roman colony and was morally corrupt.   

Even to those pagans in Corinth, God would send a messenger to bring the news of forgiveness and salvation. 

Paul was that messenger  for them. 

These words could also apply to us. 

We are called to make the compassion and forgiveness of God present to others. 

We are commissioned to carry on what Paul was sent to do. 

We, of the current age, are to make God present in the world.


John gosp


In the gospel, John recognized that Christ was the one sent from God.

 God has kept his promise not to abandon his people.






Each of us through our baptism were called to make God's mercy and forgiveness present in the world today.

We are to make Christ present for others.

Once again today, we can renew what we were commissioned to do through our call at Baptism





RecoveryWe can make God present to others through ...

our understanding,

our mercy,

our patience,

our tolerance,

our forgiveness, etc.




We can pray for the Holy Spirit to help us to do what have each of us have been called to do

to make God present in the world today..


2nd Sunday Ordinary Time cycle A



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