Thirty Third Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C
Gaudete Sunday-3rd Sunday of Advent Cycle A

Second Sunday of Advent-Cycle A


December 4, 2022 



2Advent Sunday




We continue to wait and watch for the coming of the Lord especially this very day, at our death, and at the end of time.

But are you tired of waiting???


 We pray that God will help uis in a difficult situation, with a difficult or impossible person when there seems to be no answer. 

We have waited a week, even a month. 

Then we have given up.

This was just like the people of the Hebrew Scriptures that Isaiah  was addressing.     



They had  given up on God and turned to other gods. 

They had turned to the idols of foreign nations where they lived, not to God to solve their problems. 

To them and to all generations Isaiah gives hope of what is to come.

Don't we do the same? 

When things don't go our way is it not easy to turn to anger, or selfishness, or judgement to solve the problem when we will not wait for God.

Or when life gets really rough isn't it easy to turn to our idols, our foreign gods, especially if God has not taken the problem away.  Alcohol, drugs, sex, addictions to TV, smoking, etc. can be the foreign idols that seem to solve the problem that God has not solved in the time we gave Him.

Sometimes we give up.


In Paul's letter to the Romans  Paul tells those in that community to look at the history of the Chosen People. 

God always came to save them, time after time. 

He does not give up on that people or on us.  

Sometimes we have to pray for patience to trust and wait for God's action.

Matt Gospel

In the Gospel   John the Baptist says that the Lord is coming. 



He will come. 

Are we willing to wait and watch everyday for Him?









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