Thirty First Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C
Thirty Third Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

November 6, 2022





Often times we and those around us live in the world as if this is all there is, and yet this Sunday's  readings bring us a message that we all know but of which we need to be reminded.

There is an eternal life



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The first reading from Maccabees it's about a mother and her seven sons who are Jewish and are being persecuted by the king. They are being force to break the laws that God had given them and that was to break from their laws and traditions.  One was to be forced to eat pork.


The seven sons and the mother give witness to their belief.  They knew that death was not the end and they were not afraid to die.

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You and I face a kind of death everyday, not necessarily physical death, but a mental or kind of psychological death.

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The times that bring us face to face with a kind of mental or psychological death can be those times that we are rejected, those times our ideas are not accepted, those times that we feel lonely, those times that we feel unloved, those times that we feel persecuted, and the list could go on and on.

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These are all moments that we are called to face death and to realize that those things  are a part of our journey to the real lasting life.

But we live in a world that seems to react as if we must always have our way and feel great and never suffer because this life is all there is.

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But we know better and today's readings are a good reminder for us.



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In the Gospel Jesus reassures us that there is an afterlife; that there is a resurrection.  



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Jesus in this life shows us that this is not all there is; that there is an eternal life which is the our final home; that we are called to journey to, while here on earth.




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We hear from Paul's letter.  We know that this community of the Thessalonians, this Christian community of the Thessalonians, was certainly under a great amount of persecution and rejection.  It would have been so easy for them to think that if this is all there is then why are we putting up with these problems and persecutions and even physical death.  Let's just get all the gusto and enjoyment now while we can.  

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We can find ourselves in the same mind set, especially when we may think, why me, Lord?

But they know through Paul's preaching, that it was not the end, that there was a life waiting as they made their journey toward eternal life.  Saint Paul is  aware of, not only his own struggles, but also those of his young Thessalonian community, living in the midst of the majority of people who did not believe.

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In his letter he reminds them that they have been called by God to make God present in the world by their lives.  That is also true for us.

He tells them that the Lord is faithful and will certainly guard and strengthen them, even in those moments when they feel like is this all there is.  That is also true for us.

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He reminds them that God is encouraging them and giving them the strength to continue on their journey which will always have struggles and disappointments, but it is part of the journey home.  Paul knows that God will give them endurance,  just as he was given endurance in all his sufferings, rejections, imprisonment, etc.

St paul in prison

Perhaps it's time for us to look at our own lives. Are we caught up in this idea that this is all there is so let's just go on living our life with no concern of what God has called us to through our baptism.


Photo Nov 02, 11 14 51 AMEvery day, when faced with psychological death, we are called to make God present in the world through our mercy, compassion, patience, love to the enemy, forgiveness, etc.

When we find ourselves in those moments when we are  thinking that we have to get everything in this life because that's all there is... let us pray for our own conversion, so that we more and more realize that the problems and struggles, as well as the wonderful times are all part of traveling to eternal life.


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Be not Afraid

Go out of your way for someone today.






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