Twenty Eighth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C
Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C

Thirty First Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

October 30, 2022


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31 Sunday Cycle C Reflection



One of the hardest thing we have to do spiritually is to look deep inside ourselves.


How hard it is to see our failures, our sins.


It is so easy to say, "Well mine are so small compared to others;"

or to say, "Well, everyone does that."

Conversion is difficult or even impossible if we are not willing to look at ourselves everyday.



The first reading speaks of God's great mercy. But He can only give mercy if we can see that we need it, that we are selfish, that we do not have mercy and compassion for others, that we judge, that we want our way, etc.



31st sun 

In the Gospel we hear the story  of Zacchaeus and it is wonderful.

Here is a man who is despised by the community. Somehow God gives him the grace to see his sins and bring them before the Lord and he receives great mercy. Jesus comes for the sinner everyday.



Why are we afraid or hesitant?

The Lord is passing today.


Are we willing to come before him with our weaknesses, our sins, like Zacchaeus.

Or do we continue to think we don't sin because we are Catholic and we go to Mass.

Don't be deceived.

The force of evil does not wants us to see our sins and to experience God's love for the sinner.




Experience the great mercy of God today as we celebrate Eucharist this Sunday.



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