Twenty Seventh Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C
Twenty Eighth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time cycle C

October 16, 2022

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The readings are a good reminder for us





The Israelites were on their long journey from Egypt to Canaan and they had to pass through territories were occupied by original aboriginal tribes. Which means they had to fight with the people who did not want them to pass through their territory.




Moses at prayer
 Moses saw the importance of praying to God so they would have victory.  Others helped him in this task as he stood on the mountain.


It would seem the lesson for each of us is that there is an all loving God that wants each of us in eternal life, but we need to pray to God and ask for his help and he will always give the best way to help us on our journey to eternal life.






Paul reminds Timothy and us as to how important the sacred Scriptures are for our instruction and for our Journey to eternal life.

Two words stand out at the end of this reading, the word patience with other and learning more about the Word of God.
Each of us are called through our baptism to make God present in the world and we do that by our patience with people and our example. We have learned that our actions as Christians can often speak louder than our words.




Jesus tells a parable of how important it is to pray and not lose heart. With all the distractions around us it is so easy to forget about God, to do very little in the way in the way of prayer or looking at the Word of God in the Sacred Scriptures as Saint Timothy suggested.






It might be a good idea in the week ahead to spend some time looking at the daily mass readings.

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Most of us use the Internet and you will find that you can pray the Rosary on line. 


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Lit of hours

Pray the liturgy of the hours with Morning, Evening, Night prayers on line


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  Prayer with god



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