Fourteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C
Seventeenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

Sixteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C


July 17, 2022

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Photo Jul 17, 5 07 21 AM

How many times do we miss the passing or the presence of God in our lives?

Do we think that He only passes in our lives when all is going well?


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The first reading deals with Abraham and Sarah. 
 We  remember the story about them when God promised Abraham eternal life and  for the ancients  that meant having descendants.

No descendants, no eternal life! 






Photo Jul 14, 2 55 25 PM

However having descendants seemed impossible for Abraham and Sarah since they were both very old and Sarah had always been barren and could not give birth to children.

 Abraham is called our father in faith;

but Why???


Photo Jul 14, 3 20 59 PM

He was willing to make a journey through the desert with his wife Sarah without much to go on other than the promise of eternal life (descendants) from God.  Abraham had FAITH.  He was willing to make the journey into the wilderness with no map, no directions just waiting and watching for the passing of the Lord.

Photo Jul 13, 2 05 44 PM

Then Abraham  recognizes the presence of God in the three messengers that come to tell him that within a year Sarah will have a child even in her old age.

  Photo Jul 13, 2 06 30 PM

Amazing how God works when often things seem so difficult and impossible.   But that seems to be the way He also often works in our lives.  It is seems so easier to experience God when all is going well, no problems, no anxiety, etc.


  Photo Jul 13, 2 12 20 PM
In the second reading Paul says that he rejoices in his sufferings, his difficulties.  He understood that everything that happened somehow it was a part of  his journey of FAITH that led him to eternal life.

In some Strange Way, Paul was able to recognize the passing of God, not only his successes, but also in his struggles.



Photo Jul 13, 2 23 54 PM

We have all heard the gospel story about Martha and Mary.  When Jesus comes to their house, Mary's first thought was to learn all that she could from the lips of Jesus.  Martha's first concern was hospitality.



Photo Jul 14, 2 54 30 PM

The lesson that we can all learn is that... everyday God passes.

Are we willing to find him  each new day in...  the events and struggles,  or are we too busy in our daily activities to stop and see God's presence?

Do we see Him passing in our moments of joy?

Do we even see Him acting in our failures and struggles where we can discover more about loving the other even the person that is difficult, the enemy. 




It is the Lord calling us to conversion.

What a gift.


Perhaps  the messages for each of us this week pray for ourselves so we can receive the gift of watching for the Lord everyday; to watch for his passing; to have the strength and courage to sometimes drop other things we might be doing to a later time and listen to what is being taught to us.


In this unwanted situation do I  have the Faith of Abraham and Sarah

to take the  this seemingly difficult journey into the unknown?


Photo Jul 14, 2 55 35 PM


Photo Jul 17, 5 12 00 AM


  Lord passing



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