The Body & Blood of Jesus...Corpus Christi Cycle C
Sixteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

Fourteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

July 3, 2022

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God at work

It is always interesting to see how God often works. Have you ever noticed that many times He waits until there are difficulties and problems before He goes into action, and how often He works through others, even others who seem weak?


That, for each of us, can be most frustrating because we don't like to have difficulties or situations that we are not comfortable with;  yet that seems to be the place that God often works.

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In the first reading we find the exiles have returned to Jerusalem, and seeing the great devastation of the city, they are very depressed and downcast. They find that their beloved city in total ruins; even the sacred Temple has been destroyed.

Jerusalem return
Yet the prophet tells them to rejoice because God does have a plan. Jerusalem will be whole once again.  
All of their  difficulties will be overcome.  Rejoice!

Obviously they are encouraged to have faith and to begin to rebuild Jerusalem.

As we are able to look back in history, we can see this fulfilled today. We know that  there is a new Jerusalem fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  There is a way for all to have that new Jerusalem, today and forever through Jesus Christ.

Yet, when we are faced with our own personal difficulties and told to Rejoice...well, we know how difficult that can be.  Yet there is a truth here for us today, as there was for those in the first reading.  Often, we come to discover that, at times, we do not trust God.  We may think He takes too long; or He works the wrong way, etc.  That is a time to pray for our own conversion and grace.  

Help my unbelief


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In the Gospel reading, Jesus is sending 72 followers on the mission to preach the gospel in towns and villages of Galilee.

Why didn't Jesus himself go?  He for sure would have had great success.

Yet Jesus knows clearly, that it is through weakness, difficult situations, that He will work. Photo Jun 25, 8 45 43 AM

We can only imagine the doubts and fears those that are sent must have had.  And on top of that they are told to take nothing with them.


Take nothingThat can also be a truth for us when we are on our personal journey in personal situations that are difficult.  The Lord might be saying not to take anything with us; not our solutions, our ideas etc. 

When we have been sent on a journey in situations that are difficult, we need to pray for the courage to wait for the Lord, and how He wants us to work.  Perhaps it will not be as we thought.  Are we willing to take this journey taking nothing with us?

Photo Jun 25, 9 11 53 AM

We all know of the many difficult situations and sufferings that St. Paul endured on his many journeys.  He clearly understood the great gift that he had been given in his Christianity, that God worked in all the difficulties he encountered.

Do we appreciate the gift that God has given each of us?

We, like Saint Paul, like all Christians. are called to make God present today in the world.  That means through us His mercy, His compassion, His understanding, His patience, etc. will make Him present in the world today.

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Be ready to be sent everyday on a new journey,

in all the situations that will happen.  


Take nothing with you!


Pray for the grace to take the daily journey!


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