Fifth Sunday of Easter Cycle C
The Ascension of The Lord Cycle C

Sixth Sunday of Easter Cycle C

May 26, 2022

Cycle C


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We spend a lot of time during our lives waiting, waiting for..


More money

a new home

a new career

a new car

a better job, etc.


But perhaps all of the above really just indicates we are really just waiting for an inner peace,  joy, happiness that will last; which only God can give.


We know that the disciples of Jesus and the apostles at times where waiting to find out if He was the promised one, the Messiah.


John Gospel


The Gospel reading continues with Jesus speaking to the apostles at the Last Supper. He tells them that he will be leaving soon and instead of being saddened by this they should rejoice. It is by his resurrection that they will be justified.

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Jesus knows the struggles that they will go through after his death crucifixion and resurrection. And they're waiting to see if all they had heard was true.

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Jesus at the Last Supper tells them that He will send them the Spirit.

  That same Spirit comes for us everyday. 

Are we willing to pray for the Spirit? 

Are we willing to wait for the Spirit? 

Are we listening for the soft and gentle voice of the Spirit? 

Or do we think we know better, or that the ideas of the world know better?

Or we want an answer right now!



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The first reading certainly shows us that the Holy Spirit is working.

This reading is about to the first Council at Jerusalem. We need to remember that the first Christians were mostly from the Jewish religion and so those Christians came into the Church with all their Jewish traditions. And as pagans, Gentiles, came into the Church, the question was- should they have to follow the Jewish traditions?


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The apostles and the elders were called to the First Council of Jerusalem, to pray for the Holy Spirit, and to make a decision on what should be done.

It's important to remember that those in attendance were mostly those who were of Jewish traditions; they had grown up in Jewish traditions. How would it be possible for pagans coming into Christianity not to followed the Jewish traditions?

 Yet we know that the Council decided, that Gentiles coming into the church, did not have to follow the custom of circumcision; that was a big step for the Church.



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It certainly showed that Jesus did send the Spirit and He continues to do so even to this day.

At times, we can be like the Jews with our old traditions, and we can find it difficult when there is a suggestion for a change from the old ways.

Are we willing to wait for the Spirit to come and speak to us?  That Spirit that wants to show us the journey to eternal peace, a way which the world does not understand at all. 



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For the past five or six Sundays, we have listen to  readings from the Book of Revelation by St. John.

It has given us a description of what each of us is waiting for, eternal life-heaven.True, the language can be confusing, but it does paint a picture of a new world with the Lord.  Each of the readings has given us an abstract description of heaven.


We all know that it's impossible to describe our heaven that is waiting for us, but Revelations does give us a picture of a place of holiness and peace. It is something that each of us should be waiting and striving for in our daily lives.

The question we may want to ask ourselves this week is....... Are we journeying and waiting  for eternal life, or are we journeying and waiting for the material pleasures of the world today.


What are we waiting for?






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