Holy Saturday Easter Vigil
Third Sunday of Easter Cycle C

Second Sunday of Easter cycle B also Devine Mercy Sunday


April 24,2022


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Fr. Greg Friedman...Background on this Sunday



Photo Apr 08, 4 35 52 AM

Remarks of Fr. Doug

The eight days after Easter  are liturgically all treated as if they were Easter, so we have the Octave of Easter.  The celebration is so important that for eight days were are reminded of the importance of the Resurrection of Christ.  In fact, for 50 days we will be in the liturgical season of Easter.  Everyday we are to go to the Galilee of our lives to experience the Resurrected Lord.  We are like the disciples who often do not recognize the Risen Lord when He appears to us each day.  

Have you experience the resurrected Lord today?  

Keep your eyes opened.  

Often it is in retrospect that we know He was appearing to us.



Easter Second Sun
Click here for more on History of Devine Mercy


Photo Apr 09, 10 12 32 AM The first reading is taken from a book that gives us an early history of the primitive Church between the years of the Ascension of Christ until 63 A.D. or about some 30 years.  





Photo Apr 09, 10 14 32 AM


This first Christian Community was in Jerusalem and they share everything in common.  We can look at that lifestyle and say that it is impossible for us.  We can even doubt such can happen today.    The point is to take a look at our lives.  


Do we  share?

Are we willing to go out of our way for the other person?  

Are we willing to give up and share some of our time, or our idea of how things should be, or our idea of how others others should act?


We, ourselves, can have lots of opportunities to share.  We may even discover that we are more selfish than we thought.  


Photo Apr 09, 10 27 12 AM

Watch and see this week at how many opportunities we will have to reach out to the other and share.

Are we willing to listen to a person who is difficult or at times is even boring?


Sharing things is important, but we will also have a lot more opportunities to share ourselves by being present or attentive to the other.  


The early Christian community discovered that sharing is a way of experiencing the Risen Christ.


Photo Apr 09, 10 30 53 AM

  It is thought that John wrote this letter to the Churches of Asia Minor between the years of 90 and 100 A.D.  It called them to realized that their faith received at Baptism had the power to overcome the ideas of the world.  That is certainly true today.  The world idea is not so much in sharing, but in getting all we can get for ourselves.  


All of the readings help us to realized that we can really be caught up in the ideas of today's world.  Going out of our way for others can be a way of experiencing the Risen Lord. 


Photo Apr 07, 8 34 18 AMThe Gospel we hear is that of the doubting Thomas.  We live in a world where we are surrounded by doubters. They can have such an influence on each of us. Thomas had left the group and it was only when he returned that in spite of his doubts, he experienced the Risen Lord.



Photo Apr 07, 8 19 27 AM

Perhaps we need to listen to that inner voice that calls us to return to what we have run from.  

Perhaps, like Tomas, that may where we will  experience the Lord.








My lord








Alleluia, Christ is Risen


Alleluia, Indeed,Christ is  Risen



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