Fifth Sunday of Lent Cycle C
Holy Saturday Easter Vigil

Palm Sunday....Passion Sunday Cycle C

 April 10, 2022


Holy Week Begins with...

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April 10, 2022

Review to the Readings

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It is important that as we take part in the journey through Holy Week, starting today, that we not only see the great love God has for each of us that is shown for all the sufferings, the rejections, the persecutions, Christ was willing to go through for us.  It is also a time to recognize that we are all a part of His Passion as we go through life with our own sufferings, with our own Crosses.  Do we embrace the Cross, the sufferings etc?  If not, then  we pray for ourselves to have the grace and courage to follow Christ on our own life's journey to Calvary which is the way to eternal life.  Courage.  Our Baptism is God's call to us to make Christ present in the world, especially in our actions.



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The first reading gives us a description of the Suffering Servant.  A description which the early Christian saw as fufilled by Christ.  We too are called to be a part of that description.  We too are called to make God present in the world by being a part of the Suffering Servant.  


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Again and again, in every difficult situation which we want to reject, we need to reflect on this image which our Baptism has called us to make present in the world today. We too are a part of the sufferings of Christ that brings salvation to the world today.


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In the letter to the Philippians we hear that just as Paul tell these Christians that they should have the same attitude as Christ.  That goes for us today also. 



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 Are we willing to have humility and take on the crosses that will comes to each of us.  Or do we reject our sufferings, our rejections?  If you do, that it is time to pray as Jesus did in the Mount of Olives.



“Father, if you are willing, 
take this cup away from me; 
still, not my will but yours be done.” 




Photo Mar 17, 12 59 48 PMThis year as we hear the account of the Passion of Christ let us find ourselves in this proclamation.  Most of us don't like to be in the crowd that condemns Christ, but the truth is that at times we are.  Yet He has become the Suffering Servant so that each of us can receive the mercy, compassion, and forgiveness of God again and again.  But, we do need to come to him, recognizing our failures, our sin.

 Audio of my informal notes 






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