Eighth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C
Second Sunday of Lent Cycle C

First Sunday of Lent Cycle C

March 6, 2022


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A Brief  Reflection on the Journey of Lent



For some forty days we are asked to make the desert journey into Lent.  Once again we have the opportunity to take the journey seriously, so we can make some spiritual discoveries about ourselves.  Or we can just give up something and miss the whole meaning and opportunity this season brings us.  We never know if we will have the opportunity to take this journey next year or not. 



  Photo Feb 08, 3 04 01 PM
Jesus goes into the desert to face the same temptations that we experience.  



  Photo Feb 11, 12 09 41 PM
Being very hungry after forty days of fasting, the devil temps him to not trust God his Father.  The devil says, you are so hungry and you can change the stone into bread.  Why are you struggling?

 The same is true for us when we are uncomfortable.  We are tempted to not trust God in a particular difficult situation.  If we can only be comfortable.  If we can only have what we desire, no matter the cost. 

Jesus, as hungry as He was, says no to the temptation.  He will only trust his Father who knows what is best even in this situation of hunger, suffering, and all that He faces.

  Photo Feb 11, 12 12 06 PM
Next the devil shows Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and says to him that if He will worship the devil, Jesus can have all this kingdom; He can have anything He wants-power, money, possessions, etc.

 Jesus answers no, because again He recognized that all the things of this world will not guarantee eternal life.  Doing the will of the Father is the way to eternal life.  It is so easy to get caught up in thinking that material things will lead us to eternal peace.



  Photo Feb 11, 12 14 47 PM
The devil takes Jesus up high above Jerusalem and asks Him why He is suffering.  All He needs to do is jump, and all the people below will see the angels save Him and everyone will know He truly is God.  Make life easy.  Why struggle?

 We are giving the same temptations.  If only people would respect me.  If only they would understand me.  If only.....if only.....etc

  Photo Feb 11, 12 08 04 PM

 Whatever we decide to do for Lent perhaps will show us how weak we are.  If we fail at what we decide to do, don't give up.  Start again.  There will be a great temptation to say, Well, I blew it.  I might as well give up and wait for next year.






Reflection on the Readings for this Sunday


Photo Feb 08, 2 51 44 PMIn the first reading, Moses speaks to the people and encourages them not to forget all that God has done for them, giving them freedom from Egypt and slavery, giving them the Promised Land, etc.  He reminds them that they are to be faithful and remember all that God has done.  At times they fail.

The same is true for us today.  We have been given so much, our Baptism; we became a child of God and given eternal life.  We have been called by name to make God present in a world, that today more and more rejects God. 

Photo Feb 08, 2 59 18 PM
Saint Paul writes a letter to those new Christians who are so easily influenced by those around them.  He reminds them of the faith they were give.  They were called to trust the Lord.


Photo Feb 11, 12 23 18 PM


The same is for us today.  If we truly believe the words of this letter,  then our lives will become more and more like Christ's, and we will make Him present in the world today through our actions and not just our words.



Photo Feb 11, 12 11 04 PM 



So, our journey begins...

Pray that our time in the desert of this Lent will help us by our prayer, fasting, and alms giving to look more deeply into our spiritual selves, our weaknesses, failures and sins, and be ready to experience our resurrection from sin, which is there for us at all times.

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