Sixth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C
Eighth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

Seventh Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

February 20, 2022
Cycle C
Fr. Greg
First reading: 1 Samuel 26:2; 7-9; 12-13; 22-23.
Remember that God had anointed Saul as the first king but he displeased God and Saul lost his kingship.
His kingship did not pass on to his son,
but to David who was an unknown stranger from Bethlehem.
Needless to say this made Saul angry and he decided to kill David.
So Saul set out with 3000 chosen warriors to search for David.
This reading helps us to see how we are called to love and forgive.
Second reading: one Corinthians 15:45-49
Paul wrote this, his letter in 56 A. D.
Apparently some of the Corinthians were doubting that they would have eternal life with the resurrection of our own bodies.
Paul sets them straight, reminding them that our human body  will go to dust, but that our bodies will also resurrect just as Jesus did.
It is a good reminder that our bodies are a gift from God, a creation is Holy.
Love enemy Luke
For each of us there are times that loving the enemy seems impossible. 
Yet the truth is that when we do love, God is made present in the world.
When we can’t love the enemy we make excuses.  
We may at times we excuse ourselves believing
I have no enemies
I love everyone
No one could put up with that person or that difficult situation which can be the enemy
 We just don't want to see our inability love the enemy.
It is important not to give on up our attempts at loving the enemy.
It is too easy to say that, well I am not Jesus and only he could do that.
But the truth is that God dwells within each of us and our way to eternal life is love to the neighbor, and to  love to the enemy.
The important thing is not to give excuses, but we look spiritually at ourselves, and see that in a particular situation we could love the enemy.
That is  a great gift when we  see that we can't  love as we should. 
Then we know what to pray for,,,for ourselves.
Never give up.
Keep praying for our conversion and praying for the enemy that the Lord bless them take care of them and help them.
Love is the presence of God in us and we are to make that love appear in the world. 
This is our mission given to us at our Baptism.


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