The Baptism of the Lord Cycle C
Third Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

Second Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

January 16, 2022

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When the Jews returned from the Babylonian exile in 538 BC Jerusalem was in ruins.
Return to Jer
The temple and their houses had been destroyed; desolation was all around them.
God has not abandoned them but had sent a prophet to give them strength and courage knowing that God would not abandon them.
Remember that the people had abandoned God and that’s why they were in the exile of Babylon.
God you had finally brought them back to their homeland and they were encouraged to take up the work of reconstruction of Jerusalem.
Are we like the Jewish people who at times have abandoned God.  Have placed other things to replace God and the call He has given each of us.  To make Him present in the world.
Saint Paul came to preach to the people of Corinth 50 AD and many converted.
He wrote his letter to then to remind them of the gifts they had been given.  Gifts that would allow them to make God present to others in the world.
Amazing how good God is even when these newly converted even at times grew week and returned to there old ways; they failed.
God still showed his mercy.
That same great news for us even when we fail as Christians to have mercy, patience, forgiveness even to the enemy so make God present in the world.
At the wedding feast God saves embarrassment to the groom.
Again we see God‘s great love and mercy for each of us.
All the events, both good and difficult to accept are gifts from our loving and merciful God. He is the only one who knows what we really need to continue our daily journey to eternal life.
Let us pray for the gift to trust our God in all situations
God will never abandon us as He never abandoned the ancient people in the past.  Perhaps situations will arise where God's gift to us is to see how little we really trust when the going gets rough. 
Imagine loosing every thing as in the reading from Isaiah and coming to trust God and to go on.
Never forget God's love for each of us with that same
mercy, patience, forgiveness that we are to share with all we meet.
We are on our way to eternal life and God is with us all the way even in our most difficult times


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