Second Sunday of Advent Cycle C
Fourth Sunday of Advent Cycle C

Third Sunday of Advent - Gaudete Sunday Cycle C

December 12, 2021



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Photo Dec 08, 2 18 54 PM Zephaniah was a prophet who preached to God's people of Judah and Jerusalem during the second half of the seventh century B.C.

During that time they had turned to worshiping pagan idols even in the holy city of Jerusalem.

However in spite of the people turning from God and turning to pagan idols.

Zephaniah gave them hope and courage that God would not abandon them.

Let us always pray that we do not turn to our idols such as power, material possessions, fame, etc.

However there may be times in our own lives when we turn to these pagan idols, thinking that they will give us the happiness that only God promises each of us.  

When, for all of us, we find ourselves in that place, it is time to  reflect on these words of Zephaniah.  When we are honest with ourselves, God will not abandon us.  

We can  pray for a change of heart that we turn from any idols when they tantalize us to think they will give us the peace and happiness that only God can provide.


PhilipSaint Paul was writing from prison where he was in chains because of this message of God that he preached.

Even there he encouraged his new converts to Christianity  to rejoice.

To rejoice even when they were persecuted for their Christian beliefs.



We all know that there will be trials and tribulations in our lives; we know that we are to pick up our cross and follow the Lord.

Paul encourages all of us to rejoice even in the moment of bearing our Cross, our trials, difficulties, and sufferings.

It is known that when St. Francis of Assisi would see a brother downcast he would tell him that he needed to go to confession for in their poverty they should be able to REJOICE.

If we find that at moments we failed to rejoice, then let us pray for our own conversion and change of heart.

Photo Dec 08, 2 30 06 PM

In the Gospel we hear the text collectors and sinners asking John the Baptist what they should do.
They clearly knew that they were sinners and needed the Messiah.  They were able to look deep within themselves and see their sinfulness.

We need to remember that all of us, to a greater or lesser degree, are like the tax collectors and sinners.

We all sin.

Are we willing to look at our sinfulness and to ask for the Messiah?

When we fully realize that the Messiah comes to take away our sinfulness and to give us compassion and forgiveness we can truly rejoice.  But if we never want to admit or see our sinfulness, our unfaithfulness, then there is never a chance to experience the forgiveness of God and to REJOICE.

Jesus comes constantly for each of us, in those moments when we recognize our own unfaithfulness, our sinfulness, so...


...Gaudete...which translated  is...




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