Thirty Second Sunday Cycle B
Christ the King Cycle B

Thirty Third Sunday Cycle B

November 14, 2021

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When we hear the words, The end is near, we think first of all of some crazy person on a street corner.

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But, the reality is that we are coming to the end of the liturgical year. The current liturgical year, Cycle B, is ending after next Sunday, and we will begin Advent, in the liturgical year Cycle C.  

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Who knows who will not be here for the whole of the coming liturgical year.  

The end of life here on earth will end for some of us this coming liturgical year.

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This Sunday's readings help us to reflect on...

 The end is near

We all have a tendency to not want to think about those words. But for each of us they are a truth. We experience that when each day ends,  a new day begins..

The end of our current liturgical year cycle B will be ending after next Sunday, the celebration of Christ the King.  That celebration will help each of us to look at the fact that...

The end is near...

has been conquered by Christ the King.  

Christ King
We have all been given a way to eternal life where there is no end.


So, now without fear, we can look at this Sunday's readings, and reflect on our own life to see if we are  ready to accept the kingdom Christ has prepared for us?

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In the first reading from the book of Daniel, which, by the way, was not named after the author, who is unknown, but after one of the principal participants, who is described as living in Babylon during the last years of the Babylonian empire.

This reading is a chance for each of us, to once again, think about the end of our life here on earth, and the beginning of our gift of eternal life that is waiting for us.


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We hear in the Gospel  Jesus telling that the earth will end. 




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But we do not need to be filled with fear.



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In the second reading the author of this letter, tells us that Jesus is the high priest.

Remember, that for Jews in the time of Jesus, the high priest had to offer sacrifice in the temple for his sins and the sins of all the people. And this needed to be repeated, year after year.


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However we have Jesus Christ as our high priest, who made the one sacrifice that has paid the price for our eternal salvation.





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 So what are we afraid of?


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 These readings are wonderful in helping each of us to realize that not only The end is near...


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but also that  The end is near which leads us to the eternal life and the  eternal peace that we have each been searching for all our lives, often thinking we could find it now with our material things, power, possessions, money, etc.


We will finally have that peace in the kingdom of God for all eternity.


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What great hope we have!

The end is really the beginning

Think of all we have learned through the endings in our life thus far.

The best is yet ahead



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