Thirty Third Sunday Cycle B
Advent First Sunday Cycle C

Christ the King Cycle B

November 21, 2021




This is...the Last Sunday of the Liturgical Year B

Next comes Advent Week One the start of Liturgical Year C (Nov 30th)

Christ the King Cycle B 

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The first reading was written some two centuries before Christ.  It was a time when earthly kingdoms were trying to destroy the religion of the Jews.  The prophecy gave them hope and assures them that a king and kingdom will come that is for all people  and will last forever.
It is good news for us too, especially when we feel judged, persecuted, or misunderstood because of our making Christ present for others we meet. 




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The second reading was written in Greek and is dates 165 AD.  It was given the Greek word, Apocalpse, which means the uncovering or revelation.  

 In the reading, we hear that Jesus is the one who is the king that was predicted to come, and to establish a kingdom for all people, Jew and Gentile alike. We know that He will come at the end of time, but He also comes everyday in our present lives.  He is in the people we encounter today; in the troubled, the poor, the distressed, the hungry, the one by the side of the road with a sign, etc. 






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The words from this Gospel reading, we are given the event in which Jesus claims that He is the king.  The king of a new and everlasting kingdom.

Each of us through, our Baptism, were anointed to be prophet, priest and king.  We were chosen by God and, were made a part of that kingdom.

The kingdom of Christ was not to make us healthy, happy, or prosperous in this world but to bring us and others to the eternal life and true happiness.





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Jesus gives us, through his life the model of king and kingdom builder.  

He shows us that we are to make Jesus the king present in the world today.  We do this by doing what Christ did for us. 







Each of us are to make the kingdom present today by our compassion, mercy, forgiveness, love, etc. for all people.  That means to both friend and foe, to both the deserving and to the non deserving.

Kingdom within
We all have a part in making the kingdom of eternal life present.  The kingdom is now and we are to make it present daily through our lives.  


Photo Nov 17, 11 24 12 AM

He was the beginning of the kingdom and is a part of it everyday through his presence in his followers, us, the baptized that have been called and chosen for this mission.  


So, there is good reason to look at our own failures, our sins.  Those are the moments that we say, "no", to our part of His kingdom, and our part in making His Kingdom present.  Our sins, when we clearly see them, allow us to experience  the qualities of Jesus as King.  This happens when we experience God's mercy, compassion, and love.  We can then continue to grow in being able to do the same for others and thus continue leading others to the kingdom.





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