Thirtieth Sunday Cycle B
All Saints... November1st Yearly Cycle A,B,C

Thirty First Sunday Cycle B

October 31, 2021

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The above question is asked of each of us every day. The readings for this Sunday will help us to see that we are called to answer the above question in every situation that God allows in our lives.



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This first reading takes place when Joshua has succeed Moses as the leader of the Israelites.  So much time has past since they left the slavery of Egypt and it is possible that some of the twelve tribes had never been in Egypt and taken part in the covenant God had made with them at Sinai.



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So, Joshua calls the people together and asks them to make their commitment to God once again. We were given that covenant from God at our baptism.  We were chosen or called and God gave us the gift of eternal life in His commitment to us.  

So, that same question that Joshua asked of the people is something for us to reflect on in every situation of our lives.  


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It is so easy for us to say that, of course, we choose to serve the Lord.  But sometimes we  need to asked for the grace to serve.  

Serving the Lord is easy when all goes as we plan, but when we meet with struggle, it is so easy to say that I find it easier to serve myself.

 We will not show mercy, compassion, forgiveness, patience, a listening ear, go out of our way, especially for the demanding or difficult person or situation.  

That is the moment we need to pray for conversion, to see that we do not serve the Lord and that we need a change of heart to fulfill the baptismal promises and convenant we made with God when He chose or called us.

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In the second reading what we hear from Saint Paul who writes from his prison cell, and it can help us to comprehend how we are to serve the Lord.


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Some of us may have a struggle with which ever of the two readings from the Ephesians are proclaimed this Sunday, there is a choice.  

We may not like the words...  

Be subordinate to one another out of reverence for Christ.  


 But that is what we are all called to do, just as Christ did.  

We might want to think that is not really what Christ meant.



In looking attoday's Gospel from John  the people were having the same problem with what Jesus had said and many left and no longer followed or believed that He was the Messiah.


Photo Aug 17, 2 34 47 PMLet us hope that in situations that are difficult we will answer as Saint Peter did.

Peter will follow the Lord because he knows Christ has the words of eternal life.  

We too are called and reminded, once again, that we are to follow Christ and that means to give our lives, our time, our listening ear, our compassion, our mercy, our forgiveness, etc. as Christ did because we know that is the way we serve the Lord and find eternal life.


And when we may fail to serve the Lord by serving others, we pray to recommit our selves as did the Israelites  in the first reading. 


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This week we will be given

many opportunities to answer...




which is usually more convenient



which can be most inconvenient



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