Twenty Seventh Sunday Cycle B
Twenty-Ninth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle B

Twenty Eighth Sunday Cycle B

October 10, 2021

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Book of wisdom
The author of this book says that the gift of wisdom is greater then any of the riches of the world.


King Solomon  preferred  the gift of wisdom to anything that the world could give.

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Although the book of wisdom was written over 2000 years ago, the message is very true for us today as followers of Christ.


Wisdom gift


We all need that gift of wisdom so we can understand that the Lord asks us to bear our crosses, our troubles and trials in this life.




It is so easy in today's world to think that worldly pleasures are what we really need in order  to be truly happy.


Yet our Christianity tells us to embrace our struggles and difficulties as our own cross and that they will lead us to eternal happiness and life.


How hard that can be to believe, for be have been taught to avoid all difficulties at any cost.  What a lie!



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The author wrote this letter to Jewish converts who were well aware of their ancestors history of God leading them out of Egypt and then into the desert journey to the Promised Land.  They often turned away from God.  They did not believe that God  would take care of them. Because of their unbelief they did not enter the Promised Land of Canaan.


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That gift of Wisdom helps us to be realistic with ourselves.  

Are we followers of Christ in our actions or is it just in our words?  

Wisdom helps us to hear at the Word of God so that we are are not fearful of seeing our failures, our sins, our turning from God as we ignore the neighbor, the friend, or even the enemy.


That gift of Wisdom encourages us to ask for forgiveness, not just once, but time after time, again and again.  And when we are sincere we are always shown compassion, mercy, and love.


One of the biggest errors we can make so easily is not to look at our sins, or to believe that we don't sin.

The danger becomes that we fool ourselves and do not seek the forgiveness of God, the compassion of God, or the mercy of God.


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We hear the story of the rich man who came to Jesus and asked him  what do I have to do to have you eternal life?

Jesus told him to sell his riches and to follow the Lord and he finds that impossible to do.



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For each of us also have riches, not just material wealth and possessions, but our own mind set.

Are we willing to go out for the other person even when it's not convenient.

Are we willing to give forgiveness even to the one who does not deserve it.


Are we willing to give away our riches of leisure time,

Are we willing to give away our daily plans and help the other person...even when it is inconvenient?








Video on the Gospel...Fr. Greg Friedman Franciscan





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