Twenty-third Sunday Cycle B
Twenty Fifth Sunday Cycle B

Twenty-fourth Sunday Cycle B

September 12, 2021

Cycle B

24th sun

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Everyday, in every situation, Christ asks us this question. 


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 In this Sunday's gospel from Mark, Peter answered  the question asked of the disciples, "You are the Christ" and when Jesus tells them He will suffer and die, Peter cannot understand how the Messiah will suffer and die, and he tells Jesus something like, "no way, Lord."




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How can this be part of the plan of salvation for all?







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  In the Book of Isaiah, we are given a preview of what the Messiah will have to endure.  It is also a description of a part of our lives as being called by God in our Baptism.  




We like the fact that God has called us to eternal life through our baptism when things go well, when good things happen to us, when life is without suffering, when all think well of us.  


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...there will also be the times when we too will be rejected, be persecuted, be faced with bad health, etc. just as we to as disciples of Christ, called to be His Presence in the world.  We too will have to carry the Cross.

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Often the Cross, the difficulties in our lives, just seem like too much.  That is the time to pray like crazy to have the grace to endure and come to realize this is part of the way to eternal life for ourselves and for our loved ones, and for the world.







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Saint James gives us a hint of what we need to pray for.  It is all well to say that we are Christian and that we love the Lord and will follow Him. That means we do the following... 


...Love the enemy, carry the Cross, have compassion, even on the one who does not deserve it, go out of our way for a difficult person or situation, etc., are all the ways that we are what St. James says that we are to be... doers of the Word.  And today he tells us what Faith is.

Photo Sep 06, 8 35 17 AM
We receive a gift when we can truly be... doers of the Word, but it is also gift when we can see that we too, like Peter and the Apostles say, "No Way Lord."  That is the moment to pray for our own conversion.  Lord, help me through all situations to love as you loved.


Photo Sep 06, 8 53 13 AM
To give excuses is never the way to eternal life.  

When we discover how small our Faith can be at moments, the Lord is still loving us and calling us to Him and too, asking us to begin again to be a reflection of His Love and His presence in the world today.


So, in every situation we find ourselves, let us remember to ask ourselves, at this this situation...


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Click here for video reflection clip by Fr. Greg Friedman

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