Twenty Second Sunday Cycle B
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September 5, 2021


23rd Sunday


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Photo Aug 29, 2 21 49 PM

As we look at our world today...

it is so easy to wonder if God has forgotten all about us.

The world seems to be such an unchristian place,

and even our own lives at moments,

can seem like God is not listening to our prayers.

Has God forgotten us?



Photo Aug 29, 12 52 13 PM


The people that Isaiah was addressing, approximately 750 years before Christ, were also asking that same question.


Had God forgotten them?



We hear words in the first reading that say to those who are struggling or doubting,  be strong, fear not, behold your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God he will come and save you.



Photo Aug 29, 12 53 30 PM



Those words are as much for us today,

as they were for the people Isaiah was addressing.







Photo Aug 29, 2 06 37 PM

It is interesting to note that in the gospel, which is proclaimed today, Mark writes mainly for the Gentile converts.

We all know that God's plan was that the Messiah would come through the Jews. But that does not mean that he forgets the Gentiles, which most of us Christians are today.  Remember that in the days of the Old and New Testament it was hard for the Jews to believe that the Messiah would come also for the Gentiles, yet that is exactly what St. Mark wants us to understand.  The Messiah comes for all.

Photo Aug 29, 2 05 15 PM


In the event that we hear about today, Jesus heals a Gentile.

God loves all of us, saint, small sinner, biggest sinner.  He comes to heal us.


Photo Aug 29, 2 17 16 PM

It is so easy for us today, as we are influenced by the world around us, to think that God comes only for the good guy, for the one who tries so hard, for the one who does not cause problems, for the one who is Christian.

In the part of the letter that we hear today, St. James writes to his brothers and sisters and says to them that there should not be any separation among them, rich or poor; that they respect each other because that is their mission to show that God loves all.

Each of us, through our Baptism, are called to make the love of God for all present in the world.

Watch this week and see who God allows in our lives, saints and sinners.  

Pray that we may have the grace to make the love of God present to them all, even to the ones that make life difficult or that we don't care for. 


People-to-suffer Blk woman Suffer woman
Suffering man
It takes courage and the grace of God to love those that are a difficulty in our lives.  We may even find that we are not yet the Christians that we hope and pray to be one day...

Pray for that day every time we fail

at loving the other as God loves us all,

saint and sinner


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