12th Sunday ordinary time cycle B
Fourteenth Sunday ordinary Time Cycle B

Thirteenth Sunday Cycle B

June 27, 2021

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Jesus healer


We have all been created to live forever and sometimes we can forget this, thinking that it is only today that matters.

This Sunday we focus, not only on our life today, but on the fact that God wants to continually  heal us and give us life, eternal life.


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The first reading from the Book of Wisdom speaks of
 God's great love for us.  

Even when we forget this and go our own way in sin God always wants to heal us.  But we have to reach out for that healing.





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The gospel talks of healing. The most important healing God can give us is not healing of the body, but healing us from spiritual death, sin.


Recall that for the people of Jesus time, the belief was that physical illness was because of sin.

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All we need to do is to reach out to Jesus and touch Him.  We begin to reach out when we know and admit our sins, no matter how great or small and that is not always easy.  Often we want to blame someone else.  But to truly recognize our sin is when we reach out for Jesus's healing, compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

Then we can be healed and begin eternal life now.


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In the second reading Paul gives the Christian Community in Corinth a look at what is eternal life. That certainly involves our treatment of others. For most of us, at times, we all fail at this, and we die spiritually. We even make excuses for our sin of not reaching out to others, saying things like:

...no one would put up that person

...or that person has not got it together

...or it's not me, it's that person who drives me to sin, etc.

Week ahead

As we go through the week ahead, let's pray for the gift to see our sins, and to not blame others. Then we will be ready to reach out to Jesus for healing.



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