11th Sunday ordinary time cycle B
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12th Sunday ordinary time cycle B

June 20, 2021 ???

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When things are going badly...

...do we trust God?

Book of JobWe have all heard the ancient story told about Job; that he  trusted God even when things were going badly, how could they get any worse and they do.

His friends tried to convince him  that he had done something wrong to displease God and that was why he was going through all of his sufferings.

But Job did not believe them, and remained faithful to God in spite of all the problems and difficulties in his life..

We hear the words of God telling that He is in control of everything.


21275-stormy-ocean-1680x1050-artistic-wallpaper (1)


These words can help each of us in those times of suffering and difficulty.  

Do we believe that God is in control? 

St. Francis of Assisi and Saint Theresa Lisieux  both  believed that in order to find God, it was necessary to discover Him in those times of not being in control, in times of doubts, fears, difficulties, and struggles.

Certainly that was also true in the story of Job.



We are given the story of when the the apostles were in a boat and Jesus had fallen asleep.  Suddenly a severe storm came up and they were terrified, thinking that they were going to to  die.


In our own lives the severe storms, problems, struggles, sufferings, are all around us.


We are like the apostles, fearing for our lives when difficulties arise.  We wonder if Jesus, like in this Gospel, is asleep as we pray when our sufferings seem out of our control.



They awaken Jesus, who then calmed the storm and asked them why they were terrified?  Where was their faith?




The apostles were given a good lesson in trusting the Lord even when he to seemed not to be in control of things at the moment.  Where was their Faith???

Perhaps in the storms of our lives we will come to discover that, at moments, we have very little Faith and then know that Faith is what we need to pray for.





Saint Paul wrote his letter to encourage the Corinthians, and this letter can encourage us when life seems so hard.




Like the Corinthians, we too have been called by God in our baptism.  We, too, have been made new.  


2cor all new








What discoveries will we make

about our spiritual selves this week???


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