Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ Cycle B

Trinity Sunday Cycle B

Trinity sunday

May 30,2021

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After the 50 days of celebrating Easter...

We now begin, liturgically, Ordinary Time






Father son spirit



How would you explain the Holy Trinity?


By Words???


Photo May 23, 12 35 24 PM


By Art???


Photo May 30, 7 29 40 AM

or some other way??

Holy trinity sunday

We all know that the Trinity is ONE GOD






The readings for this day give us a little insight into the love for us of the Trinity, which is itself love




In the first reading, Moses is addressing the people just before they cross over into the promise land.



Photo May 23, 12 26 20 PM



He assures them that God will give them a land and calls them to be faithful to the One God.  


Sometimes, like the people in the scripture, it is so easy to forget or to really appreciate   God's love for us humans.  The Trinity is love and that love is given to each of us.



In the second reading we see how much God loves each and everyone of us.  He calls us His child, His children.

We can always call out to Him, ABBA, Father.


Romans 8-15


His love, making us a child of God, is the greatest gift we could possibly receive, and along with Eternal Life.  


What love.  

He will never give up on us.  

We can call out to Him again and again.  

ABBA, Father.


He will always welcome us back to Him with mercy, compassion, and forgiveness, after all each of us are His Child.



Jesus gives his followers a mission.





That same mission is given to each of us.


Photo May 23, 12 32 52 PM


Each of us, at our Baptism, was commissioned to go out to the world and let others know of God's great love, the love of the Trinity, that we are to make present in the today's world.

  Go make

For most of us, our actions speak louder than our words.  It is amazing what a smile can do, or opening the door for someone, or saying thanks, or offering help,or just saying a few words to a stranger, etc.

These are only a few of the ways of making God's love present to others.  

Of course we need to pray for the gift and courage to make the unconditional love of God, even to the stranger, even to the enemy, present to all we daily encounter.


Photo May 23, 12 37 58 PM



We are now in... 

Ordinary time




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