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May 2021

Trinity Sunday Cycle B

Trinity sunday

May 30,2021

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After the 50 days of celebrating Easter...

We now begin, liturgically, Ordinary Time






Father son spirit



How would you explain the Holy Trinity?


By Words???


Photo May 23, 12 35 24 PM


By Art???


Photo May 30, 7 29 40 AM

or some other way??

Holy trinity sunday

We all know that the Trinity is ONE GOD






The readings for this day give us a little insight into the love for us of the Trinity, which is itself love




In the first reading, Moses is addressing the people just before they cross over into the promise land.



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He assures them that God will give them a land and calls them to be faithful to the One God.  


Sometimes, like the people in the scripture, it is so easy to forget or to really appreciate   God's love for us humans.  The Trinity is love and that love is given to each of us.



In the second reading we see how much God loves each and everyone of us.  He calls us His child, His children.

We can always call out to Him, ABBA, Father.


Romans 8-15


His love, making us a child of God, is the greatest gift we could possibly receive, and along with Eternal Life.  


What love.  

He will never give up on us.  

We can call out to Him again and again.  

ABBA, Father.


He will always welcome us back to Him with mercy, compassion, and forgiveness, after all each of us are His Child.



Jesus gives his followers a mission.





That same mission is given to each of us.


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Each of us, at our Baptism, was commissioned to go out to the world and let others know of God's great love, the love of the Trinity, that we are to make present in the today's world.

  Go make

For most of us, our actions speak louder than our words.  It is amazing what a smile can do, or opening the door for someone, or saying thanks, or offering help,or just saying a few words to a stranger, etc.

These are only a few of the ways of making God's love present to others.  

Of course we need to pray for the gift and courage to make the unconditional love of God, even to the stranger, even to the enemy, present to all we daily encounter.


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Ordinary time




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Celebrated the Ascension on Sunday May 16, 2021


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As we look at the readings for the Ascension, let's try to place ourselves in the mindset of the Apostles. They do not understand why Jesus has to suffer and die. That is not what they expected the Messiah to have to go through. The Messiah was to take away all their worldly problems, solve all the political problems of that day; to rid them of the Roman control and to become a political leader.
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I find myself, at times, in the same mindset, especially when God does not work in my life as I think He should. No more problems, no more conflicts, no more...etc.


Acts 1 1-11

This first reading was  to remind those early Christians of the promise of the Holy Spirit, who would  give strength and courage.  

Why do we fear?

Why do we doubt?


It is so easy to forget, or to not believe, that we  too, have been given that same promise.  

So we can, at times, just wait around for God to work as we expect Him to act.

A good reminder for us are the words of the angel to those watching the Ascension of Jesus,

"Why do you stand there looking up?"


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Don't we do the same thing when we find life difficult, and when God does not seem to work in the way we expected?


Photo May 22, 8 45 26 PM

Paul's letter is his prayer for the early Christians; that they would become more  open to how God works, even in suffering and persecution.  You

That prayer is also for each of us, especially when life presents us with people and situations that are difficult and are not what we expected.  

So again...

Why do we fear?

Why do we doubt?



Mark 16:15-20
The Gospel let's the Apostles and us know that we have been sent to make Christ present in the world, to bring...

...His mercy,

...His compassion,

...His patience,

...His understanding all, even to the enemy.


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Why do we, at times, doubt?


Photo May 22, 8 35 49 PM (1)


"I am with you always," He says.


Photo May 22, 8 34 22 PM (1)


Alleluia, Christ is Risen!


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Go into the world of our daily life!

Make Christ present!


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Sixth Sunday Easter Cycle B

May 9, 2021


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  6th Easter





Photo May 07, 1 16 24 PM

At the Last Supper Jesus talks with his Apostles.

What were they talking about???


The answer is ...


Sometimes we think only in worldly terms as to what it means to love.  We all know how easy it is to love the person we respect, or the person who looks nice and dresses well, or the person who goes along with what we think and believe.  



  Bible readings

But this Sunday's readings challenge us to move in another direction;  to love those outside our own comfort zone.  

This is something that at first seems impossible.



In the first reading we hear of Peter going out of his comfort zone.

Shortly before this reading, he has had a vision, showing him that what God has made clean he must not reject.  This was dealing with what his Jewish background taught him about food.





Photo Apr 27, 9 22 56 AM

Peter now goes to the household of a Gentile, a non Jew, Cornelius, a Roman centurion. Everyone knew that you do not associate with these unclean gentiles, yet Peter goes to speak with this household, much as Jesus associated with the dirty, the gentiles and the sinner, with everyone.


Peter experiences the great faith that Cornelius, a gentile, and his household have and Peter sees that they are to be baptized.


Photo May 04, 6 04 58 PM

What a change from what the Jewish traditions of the first Christians insisted upon that you have to follow the Jewish religious laws. It is interesting that this became a dividing point for the primitive Church.  

The Christians who have converted from Judaism were insisting that gentiles who want to follow the Christian way, must first become Jews and follow Jewish ritual.  


In fact, the first Council of Jerusalem gathers and were inspired to say no to this idea.  

Council jer

All could become Christian and follow Christ without becoming Jews.  This change must have been difficult for many, just as today we have seen that changes are difficult for many.  

But the Holy Spirit continues to lead the Church, now as it did in primitive times.

What a great example of showing love to those gentiles, that in the Jewish society of the time, were considered unclean and rejected.


Photo May 04, 6 12 10 PM



In the second reading St. John, tells the community that it is this love that Jesus has given them that makes God present in the world.  That love is to be for everyone, even the enemy, even the one who wants to destroy us, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually.  That becomes the real challenge for all of us.


 Video Clip on the Gospel..Rev. Greg Friedman-Franciscan



John 15

In the Gospel reading, which is part of the discourse that Jesus gave at the Last Supper, speaks of love and how important that is for his followers.  He demonstrated with his Passion and death, what this love really is.  A love that to the world would seem ridiculous; love to all, even the enemy.  


You can't be serious!

How is this possible for us?  


We live in a world much like that of the primitive Church, in the respect of thinking that it is stupid to die for the enemy.  

Certainly, many could not understand how Jesus, after hours of suffering could forgive and love those who were the enemy.


Yet, Jesus clearly says that He has chosen the Apostle, and also us, to make this love present in the world even today.  


To die for the other may not be a physical dying, but a psychological dying.  

To show compassion, forgiveness, mercy, tolerance, patience, etc, can at moments, be ways for us to die for the enemy, e.g. the one we find difficult at the moment.


Photo May 04, 6 10 49 PM
For sure, there will be moments we fail at this love, but the way to grow in this direction is to recognize that we don't love the enemy, and not to just dismiss the lack of love by thinking, well, no one could love in this way, after all, I am not Christ.  

But wait one moment.  In our baptism we, like the Apostles at the Last Supper, are called to make God present in the world by the same love that Christ demonstrated.

Body of christ

When we fail, and we will at times, but it is important to continue to pray for our own conversion, so that on our deathbed we can forgive and love even the ones who have hurt us.

We can and will do this because....


Christ is Risen, Alleluia

Christ is Truly Risen, Alleluia


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