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January 2021

Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time...Cycle B

January 31, 2021



The Call of the Prophets





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In spite of all of the struggles of the Hebrew people, God gave them promises that gave them hope.





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Moses addressed them and gave them hope that God would always be with them, and that He would speak to them through the prophets that He would send in all generations.


We all have our idea of what a prophet is.  Some think it is like a fortune teller who can see into the future.  But that is not the case.  A prophet is one that is called to make God present to the world and its people.

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In the Gospel we hear about Jesus  speaking and all are amazed at what He said.  He was identified as a Holy One, a prophet who makes God present.





Where are the prophets in our own life time?



At our Baptism, we were anointed and called to be prophet, priest, and king.  We are to make Christ present in the world, not so much by our words, but by our actions-our forgiveness, compassion, mercy, understanding, not judging.


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St. Paul addressed a community who believed the last times were not too far off; that before they died, Christ would come and take them to eternal life.  We know that did not happen as they thought, however, there is  truth to this belief today for us; for Christ comes everyday for us.

 Paul told the Corinthians not to become caught up in the things of this world, so that they would not miss His coming.


  Christ comes

Those same words of St. Paul hold true for us today.  

It is so easy to get so caught up in money, possessions, health, relationships, etc. that we fail to recognize the many comings of Christ for us everyday. 

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This Sunday's readings can help us to once again recall that God has called and anointed us to be...


...Prophets-making God present for people we encounter

...Priests-making sacrifices so others can find the presence of God

...Kings-making God's kingdom present in the world today


Helping hands

At times we may fail to make Him present to others by our lack of mercy, love, compassion, and forgiveness even to the enemy, to the one who is difficult.  But we can begin again and again for that is our call.  

We are not to give up.  

That is our mission, our commission!

He will not abandon us



  Fearnot111 (1)


Video Clip on the Gospel...Fr. Greg Friedman Franciscan


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Third Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle B

January 24,   Cycle  B

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This book of the Bible is not a historical account about Jonah who lived in the 8th century B.C. but is a fictional story written after the Jews returned from the Babylonian exile sometime in the 5th century BC.

It's a book in the form of a sermon which told a story,
and that story is that God is for all people and nations, not only for the Jews, but even the pagans, the Gentiles. Those returning from the exile in Babylon refuse to believe that God could possibly be there for the pagans, the Gentiles.


They believed that the Gentiles would be punished and completely annihilated by God. So the story of Jonah was to let them know that God was for all people.

That same story is for us, so that we can realized that God comes for all, even the ones that we may judge as problem makers, as difficult people, or  even as the enemy.


Photo Jan 15, 1 49 26 PMToday most scholars hold  that Paul did not know when the end of time would come, although many of the early Christians thought it was coming right away.



The message that Paul was trying to make clear was what the Lord had said; to always be ready for judgment and that certainly included love for the other, even the enemy.


Many of us plan for the future in this life by the education that we get,  by the money that we save, by the plans for retirement, etc.



But we can often fail to heed what St. Paul was preaching.. to prepare for the coming of our entry into eternal life.  It is so easy to think about preparation for this life and not really spend time thinking about our words and actions towards others that will be a way we prepare for the life that really counts, eternal life.


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St. Mark tells of the story of Jesus calling Simon and Andrew, the brother of Simon, to follow Him and he will make them fishers of men.  Their response is interesting as  iimmediately left their nets and followed him.

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We also will hear about the call of James and John and, surprisingly, they too immediately left their nets, their father, Zebedee, in the boat and follow Jesus


Everyday each of us are called by Jesus to come and follow Him. That can happen with all the events we are faced with in dealing with people, even the most frustrating people and situations.

Again we are called to make Christ present for all through our compassion, mercy, understanding etc.

Are we willing to leave everything at a moments notice and to go out of our way for the other person?


We now have the week ahead to check ourselves and see if we are willing to...

Come Follow Me (2)


There may be times that we discover ourselves to be like Jonah, believing that God doses not want us to put up with those we consider unworthy or difficult.  

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If and when we discover this in ourselves, let us pray for the same conversion that Jonah had, realizing that we are to go out to all people, even the enemy.






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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time cycle B


Ord time

January 17, 2020

Cycle B

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Isn't it amazing to think about how God works.  He has the power and the ability to do everything to bring us to eternal life, yet He chooses to work through other humans like ourselves.  




In the Gospel reading we understand this very plainly as Jesus calls His first two apostles to follow Him.  And they in turn, call others to come and see.  God did not zap or brain wash any of them.  

And, He allows all of us to use our freewill to choose to answer the call He has given us in baptism.  I have called you by name.






In the first reading we see the call of Samuel to lead the people and to eventually select the first king, Saul.  Have you recognized the fact that in your baptism God has called you?



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In the first reading we hear of the call of Samuel to lead the people and to eventually select the first king, Saul.  Have you recognized the fact that in your baptism God has called you?

Sometimes that is hard to believe, isn't it?

But God wants to work through each of us, whoever we are and with whatever we have.  He calls us, today and everyday, to show the presence of Christ in us to others.

Remember that God did not choose the most intellectual, the rich, the powerful, but He called the poor working class to His mission of bringing eternal life to all humanity.  

I know that is why each of us has been called to continue to bring the message of eternal life to others.   We can do that not just in our words, but, most importantly in our actions of mercy, patience, understanding, giving, etc.  


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St. Paul writes to a Christian community who are influenced by 99 percent of the world who at the time, has no concept of eternal life.  

For them, the important thing is to get all the wealth, processions, and pleasure one can before going into nothingness.  

St. Paul tells this Christian community not to be influenced by the world around them, but to remember that they have been called to show humanity that because of Jesus Christ,  all called to eternal life and we are not to abuse our bodies, but to use them to bring others the Good News of eternal life.  




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Are we not in a world today that is much like the world of the Corinthians, that says that materialism, sex, power, etc. are the way to find pleasure and life.  What a lie!!!!

You have been called to make the message of Christ known to all you meet.  The real lasting pleasure lies in eternal life and that has become for all humanity because of Jesus Christ.  

You have a role in God's plan for the salvation of humanity.  Are you ready?


Recognize your call today

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