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December 2020

Fourth Sunday of Advent Cycle B

Sunday December 20, 2020

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4 candles

This Sunday the 4th Candle on the Advent Wreathe is lit.






 In this reading we hear about King David.  David has captured Jerusalem and brings the Ark of the Covenant, the dwelling place of God, into Jerusalem.  



King david
David has his plans.  He wants to build a temple as the dwelling place for God.  But God indicates, "No"

I often debate with God over the plans that don't happen as I plan.  God in a sense can say "No" to us also.  

The interesting thing is that although God has said "No" to David, He promises David that He will not abandon him.  Even when David sins, God does not abandon him.

The same is true for us.  God has plans on building His dwelling place in and through us whom He called by name in our Baptism.  God's kingdom will come.



In the Gospel we hear how God works.  

Mary listens to the Greeting of the Angel

She will become pregnant without being married

What a Scandal!  How could God possible work in this way?

Yet He does and Mary says Yes!


Photo Dec 11, 4 50 11 AM
God can work in ways we don't really understand as He builds his kingdom.  He has prepared Mary to be the way the fulfillment of his kingdom will take place.  

In a sense, the Church is the angel that appears to us, telling us not to be afraid when things don't go as we expect; that Christ will be born in us. We can be startled by this, as Mary was.  

How can God possible work through me?  But He does.


Photo Dec 11, 4 44 17 AM
He is working in all the events and situations of our lives.  

Our Advent has been a time that we were given a chance to become more aware of  how God works, of how He comes to us every day, calling us to recognize His Son.

In Paul's letter to the Romans, Paul introduces himself to a community he has not yet visited or catechized.  He encourages them to recognize what God has done in their lives.  

It is so easy to praise and thank God when all goes well, but in those times of difficulties, like the ones Paul and the early Christians went through, it can be a different matter.  

This is the Sunday we can look back and see once again that...

 He Comes

Pray that we have the grace to recognize God working in our lives, even when we don't agree or understand.  

God will continue to make His Kingdom come and we are all a part of that.


Give birth to Christ today in your own life.

Video Clip on readings of 4th Sunday of Advent


Photo Dec 13, 8 31 49 PM

Video Clip on readings of 4th Sunday of Advent


 The tradition of the  ...  O Antiphons as we get nearer to His Coming

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 Merry Christmas


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Third Sunday of Advent Cycle B...


Gaudete means Rejoice.

December 13, 2020

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The liturgical vestment may be a rose shade.  

They signify that the coming of the Messiah is close at hand and it is time to rejoice.  A time to realize that our failures, our sins can be forgiven.  





Three Advent Candles are lit.

It is the Third Week of Advent


3candles advent



Isaiah prophet


The words were hear in the first reading were given by the prophet Isaiah while in captivity in Babylon.  For the people then, it was a time of great stress, hopelessness, and fear.  Had God forgotten them?  The words we hear are also the same scripture that Jesus read from scripture on that Sabbath while in the synagogue .  Listen carefully for they can again give each of us great hope when we too are in struggles, stress, hopelessness, etc.  


The spirit of the Lord G Third Sunday of Advent Cycle BOD is upon me,

because the LORD has anointed me;

he has sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor,

to heal the brokenhearted,

to proclaim liberty to the captives

and release to the prisoners,

to announce a year of favor from the LORD

and a day of vindication by our God.


St. Paul writes to the community in  Thessilonica to whom he first brought the Good News to and who had accepted it.  Now Paul is away from them and difficulties h ave developed and they are tempted to abandon what was freely given to them.  He reminds them that they were called.  You and I were called too, at our baptism.  It was not a mistake.  And in the midst of our doubts and fears we can rejoice because were too were called and promised eternal life.  Knowing this let us continue to pray that in times that are wonderful and in times that are filled with stress and difficulties we can rejoice knowing that He comes to save us this very day.  Courage!

Third Sunday of Advent Cycle B



John GospelAs we listen to the Gospel remember that in our baptism we were, in a sense, called to be like John the Baptist.  In our wilderness, in our doubts and fears, we are called to make straight the path of the Lord so that others may be ready to receive Him.

Sometime we do this well when other can see that even in difficult times we have something that gives us hope and peace.  Something that others will want.


And in those times that we fail, that we complain, that we doubt, we can even see that as a gift, a blessing, a time to pray for our own conversion and...  

John baptist once again, in my life, make a straight path for the Lord, so others may find Him. 









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