All Souls Day
Thirty-third Sunday Cycle A

32nd Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A

November 8, 2020

Thirty Second Sunday Cycle A

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10 Virgins be ready

For each of us......Do you have enough Oil





Photo Feb 09, 3 21 08 PMThis book of Wisdom was written in about the year 150 B.C. by devout Jew in Egypt.  He was attempting to educate his fellow Jews in their own philosophy and not the philosophy of the Greeks that was influencing them.    



It is a good reminder for me as to how easy it is to turn to the world philosophy of today that says the way to happiness is...






Hot Car


Great clothing



There is nothing wrong with these, but when they become the whole purpose of my life, they can become idols that help me to escape from my problems, my struggles, my cross.

I know that in times of difficulty, of doubt, I need to pray for the gift of wisdom.  To be able to discern and not escape the problems,  my cross.  Many times my struggles, my cross,  are a way of growing spiritually and if I am not careful I will do almost anything to escape and to miss the opportunity to grow spiritually.


Matthew 25




In the Gospel of this Sunday .we hear the story of the ten virgins.  






I know that for me in all my daily experiences I have the opportunity to store up oil so I am ready when the bridegroom comes.  

This is not just at the end of my life, but it is every day.


Will I have enough oil when He comes inviting me to enter the wedding feast, to experience the kingdom right now?



Photo Oct 30, 11 54 28 AM


In Paul's letter we hear of the concern many had wondering what would happen for those who had died before the coming of Jesus, which they believed was just around the corner.




Photo Oct 30, 11 54 11 AM


I have come to understand, that for me, it is not to wait to experience Jesus at the end of my life, or at the end of time, but to realized that He comes every day and that I need the gift of wisdom to be able to recognize Him in all the situations of my life, especially those situations which seem difficult and call me to conversion; those times I complain and doubt.  These are always gift of the presence of the Lord showing me who I am spiritually and giving me more oil for my lamp.


 Getting Oil...


Do I reflect the mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and love of the Christ I have been called by my baptism
to make present in the world?  

Or do I put me first and the other last or second?


Now is the time to get oil for my lamp so I am ready.


Photo Oct 30, 11 58 01 AM

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Linda Wright

Thanks for your words! You are a blessing to us! this certainly helps to get ready for next Sunday's readings!

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