Eighteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A
Twenty First Sunday Ordinary Time. Cycle A

Twentieth Sunday Cycle A

August 16, 2020


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Sometimes it is so easy to judge other people who seem below us; those who don't have the same morals as we might have.









Down-but-not-outThere can be those times when we see our own failure, our own sin, that seems to devastate us because we have always believe we would never 
seriously sin .


This Sunday's readings can help us to recognize God's great love and mercy for all people, chosen or not chosen, good and bad.


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Isiah the Prophet

In the first reading, the prophet reminds the people of their ancestors being brought out of slavery in Egypt, long ago, and  then God  brought them out of their own exile in Babylon; 538BC.

They are being reminded that God comes for the foreigner, which they had also been because of their exile, their turning from God.




It is a good reminder for us that God comes for all people, faithful and, unfaithful.

Deadly sin


God is always there for us, whether we are doing the right things, or  whether in those moments when we see our failures and sin, sometimes even great sins.  



God always comes for us, when we feel close to Him, and even when we feel  so far away from Him.




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Paul, a good Jew,  in his letter addressed the Gentiles, those who were considered dirty, not chosen by God and far away from God.


He reminds them that God has called them, Roman Gentiles, to eternal life.

Paul recognizes that God comes for all and, Paul has turned to the Gentiles because he has been rejected by his own, the Jews.


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The amazing thing that we will hear again in the Gospel is that Jesus goes out of his way for a Gentile, a Gentile woman who has asked Jesus to help for her daughter who has been severely affected by a demon.


Jesus let's her know that He has come for the lost sheep of Israel.  She will not give up and, needless to say, Jesus heals the possessed daughter.


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That Gospel can certainly gives hope for each of us when, in those moments we feel so out of touch with God because of our own failures or our own sins.  But, God will never abandon us.



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These readings might also help us not to judge others because God comes for all people, for those who we perceive as good and those that we may perceive as evil or a far away from God.






God may be getting us ready to see if we judge, if we are willing to go out of our way for a person who is placed into our lives this week..




Will it be someone with whom we struggle?

The Working Poor






Will it be a stranger?









Will it be someone who smells and is not at all clean?








Will it be a person asking for help; perhaps even holding a cardboard sign at the freeway off ramp?







Or will it be a friend or relative who needs help or advice or maybe just a phone call to say hello?



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Who will God send you???


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Shocking...but it does make a point!!!



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