Twelfth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A
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Fifteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A

July 12, 2020

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Trust Lord




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Isaiah is calling the unfaithful people of his time back to God,  just as God is calling each of us back, week after week. 

When we hear His Word proclaimed, it calls each of us back, Sunday after Sunday. 

The real question is, are we willing to listen? 


 God does not give up on us. 

Are we at times, like the Hebrew people the prophet Isaiah was addressing, giving up on God when He does not work as we think He should?


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St. Paul, in his letter, understands that in our baptism we are each called by God.  Paul too, understands that in his journey and our own, there will be times of doubt, fear, failure, etc. 


But Paul is also aware of God's love and  is willing to endure anything as he journeys toward the eternal life that God has promised him and each of the us in our baptism.  

What about us???



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Everyday that seed, planted in us at our Baptism, is given the opportunity to grow and develop.  In every situation we have the opportunity to allow that seed to grow.  

Are we willing to go out of our way for someone that comes un-expectantly into our lives,  even to the enemy or the one who is difficult? 


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The gospel reading about the sower is encouragement for us. 


Photo Jun 29, 3 19 46 PM

God will sow his Word in each of us as we hear or read it. 

Again the seed is sown. 

Again, we are given the opportunity to have it land on good soil and to grow to give compassion, mercy, and love to all, even to the enemy. 

In other words, we too, are to make Christ present in the world.  Will you allow that seed to grow again and again?

Photo Jun 29, 3 26 43 PM

The Word of God will not return empty.


Photo Jul 01, 6 28 15 AM


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