Fifteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A
Twentieth Sunday Cycle A

Eighteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A

August 2,  2020

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Photo Jul 22, 3 25 57 PMIn the first reading we hear a message from the prophet who lived among the people in Exile in Babylon. 


God, who has always loved and cared for them, had allowed this tragedy, this exile, to take place in hopes that His People will return to Him.

The prophet told them that God loved them and in their depression, gave them hope for the future, called them to come to a banquet. 


 Sometime, we may find ourselves in a kind of "Exile in Babylon".  For sure, during our struggles, we need to hear these words that God will never abandon us,

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In spite of all of our sins, like the Jews in Babylon, God calls us to come to the feast, to the banquet. 

A feast where our sins and failures are only a way for us to come closer to our loving and forgiving God. 

Remember that those in Babylon  were finally set free.


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Saint Paul writes to his Roman converts to Christianity.  He encouraged them.  They may, like us, see their sins and failures.  But these could not separate them from God and cannot separate us from God. 

He calls us again and again to the banquet, to drink, to eat. 

Our only difficulty may be in not seeing our sins, or in seeing them and refusing to accept that God can love us, forgive us, and call us, sinners, again and again.


Who can separate 


Photo Jul 22, 3 37 19 PMIn the Gospel we hear of the miracle that Jesus did.  He did what would seemed impossible.  He fed the people.  He was concerned for some 5000 plus, just as certain as He has concern for each of us today.




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No matter how hard your life may seem today, no matter how down we may be today, we are invited to a banquet.  We are invited to be forgiven, to be refreshed, to be fed, to be given new hope.






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Will you come to the banquet? 



Will you partake in the banquet of God's Word? 



Will you partake in the banquet of His presence

in the people of God? 


Will you partake in the banquet of His Body and Blood?


Will you partake in the Banquet of His forgiveness


Will  you partake in the banquet of His calling you

back to Himself?



Will you come???




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