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Pentecost Sunday Cycle A

May 31, 2020

Cycle A


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The first reading talks of the Holy Spirit coming in a mighty wind from heaven.  That had special meaning for me now living in Desert Hot Springs where we get mighty winds.  But seriously, it also helps me to see that the Spirit comes in ways I do not expect and in times that seem a mess and are like a strong wind.  The Apostles were in that same place, not really understanding what happened to Jesus.  They too were filled with fear.  For me, it is always looking back on those rough times, which seem very much like a strong wind in my life, that I recognize God working in my life.




In the second reading Paul writes to the Corinthian community and tells them that they all have received gifts from the Holy Spirit.  How hard it seems at times to see our gifts.  For me, I have seen the gifts people have.  We all have them.  From the most simple things like forgiveness, patience, compassion, etc.  But we often think to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit is something spectacular.  Rarely, does God let us see the gifts we possess.  And sometimes we even don't believe we have any of the gifts of the Spirit.  What a lie.





Recognize that Jesus comes to us often saying, " Peace be with you." 


We heard this in the Gospel reading.  Even in the most trying time, I pray that I will recognize Jesus is with me giving me His Peace and mercy.  And He is.

I hope this Pentecost will  be, for each of us, a time to begin to see the Holy Spirit inspiring us in all the events in our lives. I know that Spirit is there even showing me my many sins and giving me courage, time after time, to seek His mercy and forgiveness, which is always there.


We are all called by God through our Baptism.  We have all received the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

The evil one wants us to doubt this.  What a lie. 

Recognize how much God gives us and how much He is loving us everyday and in every difficult situation, even when we fail and sin.


We are called and filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Refuse to accept that lie that you don't have the gifts.


Christ is risen, Alleluia

This has been the  last Sunday of the Easter Season.

Monday we are back in Ordinary Time. 

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Fifth Sunday of Easter cycle A

May 10, 2020

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Christ cornerstone


In our Baptism we were called by God to make Christ, the cornerstone, present to all we meet and experience, both those people we enjoy, and those that we find difficult.  


Photo May 10, 1 59 58 PM

The first reading tells us of the struggles the early Christians were having over the importance of service.  

The decision was made to select men to be deacons. They were selected to help with the mission of the Church in making Christ present to others. This mission, from the very beginning, was the need of service to others.  Service was always the call for all Christians.  We can see this in the choosing of the 7 Deacons.



Photo May 10, 7 32 30 AM
The First Seven Deacons



Photo May 10, 2 41 55 PM


In the second reading, we hear that Christ is the cornerstone and that we were called by God to be a part of making Christ present in the world of today.

We can look at our own lives and see that, like the first Deacons of the Church, we too are called to serve others.  Everyday we have the opportunity to go out of our way for other people, to make Christ present by service.

I can clearly remember when I was ordained as a transitional deacon, what a privilege it was to serve the food to my seminarian bothers. What a joy to clear the tables and to do the dishes. But then as time went on, service became a hard and unpleasant task, especially when I had so many other things to do for myself.  


What happened to service to the others as a way to make Christ present?


We can see the example of the life of Christ, as the cornerstone, showing us that service to others is what He did and what we are to do.



It might mean serving... listening to others, especially to those who, at times, may try our patience. having compassion and mercy, even to those who do not deserve it. taking the time to pray for others, that God bless them and give them everything that will lead them to eternal life.


It is so easy to forget this call of service when we become so focused on our own lives.  

We can, so easily, fail to see how importance service is as a big part of our mission as Christians.


Photo May 10, 2 46 38 PM

In the Gospel, John tells of Jesus talking to the Apostles at the Last Supper.

They still have not realized how the Messiah works or what they are called to do.  They are still too into themselves.

They believe He will overcome all the worldly problems.

He will be a political leader, etc.



Photo May 10, 2 32 42 PM

It was not until after the Resurrection that they would begin to understand that it was in Christ serving  others, his suffering, death, and Resurrection, that would overcome sin and death, and that was what they were called to do.

Photo May 10, 2 37 49 PM

Christ was the cornerstone, the servant of all, and this was His mission of which we too are a part. 

Alleluia Christ is Risen.


Though our Baptism, we are to make Christ present to others, certainly with prayer and words, but also in service.


This week take a look at all the opportunities we will have to serve, especially in things we don't want to do or times we are too busy to go out of your way for those that come into your lives.


Photo May 10, 2 41 26 PM

Christ has shown us that what appears to the world as failure, service to others, makes Christ,  the Cornerstone of salvation present.



There will be times we will fail in serving others, in praying for others, etc.

But the important thing is that we recognize our failures, our sins.

Christ, again and again, gives us the courage to pick ourselves up and begin again.

Don't give up.

Start again and again until our death.


Christ is truly Risen, Alleluia


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