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Palm Sunday---Holy Week Begins...Cycle A

April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday Cycle A

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Palm Fallow



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Jesus Palm Procession 


I know that for me, as I have grown older, I have moved more away from the sentimentality of what happen during Holy Week; moved away from the poor Jesus idea...that He went through so much. 

I have come to understand, just a little, how my Baptism calls me to make Christ present in the world through necessary struggles, even sufferings at times.

The Good News is that Jesus accepts the struggles and sufferings and comes to know, that somehow in the Will of the Father, they will lead to eternal life.

This is true for each of us.   

Courage as we too prepare for the joy of Easter...

promise that the Cross leads to Eternal Life.


Life and cross



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5th Sunday Lent Cycle A

 March 29, 2020

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 In the first reading we hear that Jerusalem was destroyed and the people were taken into exile to Babylon in 587 BC.  They have lost everything.  Ezekiel was a priest in the temple in Jerusalem up to 597 BC.  He warns the people that they need to return to God.  Eventually the Exile comes and Ezekiel, too, is taken into captivity.  The people in Babylon are really down.  There seems to be no hope.  This is the background to the first reading we hear. 

God will raise them up again.  Courage.




Paul Prison


In the second reading, Paul writes from prison.  He encourages the Roman Christians not to give up, not to turn to the flesh but to stay with the call they have been given.  He tells them this is the real hope for all, not what the world gives.  Boy, in hard times, when we feel like we are in prison, or in a grave, that death seems all around, there is a great temptation to turn to the flesh, the things of the world that only give momentary pleasure.






Gosp John



In the Gospel comes the hope for all of us when we are in the dumps. In those experiences of death, of seeing our sins, of our disappointments, etc. Christ comes to give us new life.  Wow! 

What a merciful, compassionate, forgiving God. 

Truly through death comes life. 





We are called out of whatever tomb we might be in right now. 

We are called to come out.  To not be afraid.


Come out

  Come Out!


Click below to hear about the RCIA Scrutinies that would have taken place at one Mass this Sunday

but Coronavirus has changed that.

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Third Sunday Lent Cycle A

March 15, 2020




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Today begins the Scrutinies for the Elect, those who will be received into the Church at Easter.

The readings are to help them reflect on their own lives.  They are also for each of us.  We always need God's grace to be willing to see ourselves in the readings.  That can be very difficult because we always want to appear as good Catholic Christians.  The Scrutinies can help us to see that God constantly comes for us even in those times that we complain or abandon Him.  I hope God gives all of us the courage to look deeply into our spiritual lives and to know He has called each of us.  That we need Him especially in those times when we fail.  I hope the audio clip below is a help for you.  Courage!



Moses at Horeb 



 Do you complain like the people in the first reading.  We should never have left Egypt.  We are going to die here.  Moses, what have you done to us?  They do not trust God.  What about us.  Are their times in our lives we don't trust. 


Woman at Well 

Are there time that we can't believe that God goes out for that particular person.  Think of the time that we judge those we see.  The Gospel is a read recounting of how Jesus always goes out for the rejects.  Are you a reject at times?  That is the moment He comes for you!



Click below to hear my reflection  about this Sunday's Readings

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Second Sunday of Lent Cycle A



March 8, 2020

Cycle A


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 In the first reading, God speaks to Abram (who will be

renamed by God to Abraham) and is told to leave his  family and friends, all security, but with his wife Sarah, to go into the wilderness where God will lead them.

What must have gone on in their minds... they are to leave all security and start a journey into the unknown?  Wow!  


Photo Mar 07, 1 08 05 PM

 Remember that they were very old and and Sarah was without child.  Because of that, she was thought to be cursed. But because of their Faith, they started the journey and God worked and in spite of her age she had a son, Isaac

Abe sarah iaasic
 God can ask us daily in big and small ways to leave our security, to journey into the unknown. 

I know, for me, to leave my security, my plans and to have to do what I don't particularly want to do, or go where I do not particularly want to go, shows my lack of faith.

I have to acknowledge my lack of having the faith of Abraham, our father of Faith. 

When we fail to answer the daily challenges in our lives, let us, at least, recognize our lack of faith and pray to become more like Abram.(Abraham)


Photo Mar 03, 8 47 15 AM

In the second reading, Paul writes to Timothy and tells him to bear up under difficulties and hardships.

Those same words are also for us when things don't go as we wish.

Paul tells Timothy that the gospel message is often made present for others through the hardships they encounter.  We too have been called by God in this age to make Him present to others; at times through our hardships, difficulties, and unwanted encounters.


Out on limb

Are we willing to trust God when He puts before us situations or hardships that are difficult?

Are we willing to go out of our way for others?

We know that often actions speak louder that our words.





Photo Mar 03, 8 58 42 AM

In the gospel we get a glimpse of the Transfiguration.  The  three apostles that Jesus takes up the mountain with Him will experience Him as God speaking with two important prophets.


Photo Mar 03, 8 56 09 AM


This was to help the Apostles  keep their faith when the Passion of Christ would happen. They would experience doubts and fears.  They had to deal with the events  that they thought would certainly never happen to Jesus as Messiah!


 Just imagine how great is God's love for humanity.

He forgives us again and again, even when we fail to journey into the wilderness, the hardships of our lives.

And not only that, but He then gives us the strength to start again into the wilderness of each new day; to face new hardships and situations.  We can start the journey again. That is how we make God present for others.  Wow!

Our prayer must always be...


Lord increase my faith!

Begin again!!!

Never give up!!!

You have been called!!!

  Photo Mar 03, 8 45 36 AM


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