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December 2019

Feast of the Holy Family

December 29, 2019

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The Celebrant has the choice of many readings. 

My reflections are on the readings I used.


Holy family2



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 God works in each of us though our families.


SirachThe author of this book in the Bible lived in the second century before Christ and was a pious Jew who was trying to show his people how they were to live.  It can and does help us to direct our lives today.

As we listen to the words proclaimed today, we need to pray for the courage to, once again, not get defensive and say these words don't apply in our world today.  But they are words that can call us to look at ourselves deeply and  call us to conversion, especially if the words are difficult for us to hear.





While Paul was in prison in Rome, he hears that the faith of the Colossians was being threatened, and he writes this letter to them,giving them some practical help when their faith was under attack.  






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Often  it is in the family where we need to pray to be able  to put Paul's words into action.  He writes about having compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, bearing with one another, forgiving one another; they are easy to talk about, but at times difficult to put into action in our own families. Families are not just where we grew up, but they can also be the family of our neighborhood, our family at work, our family of friends, etc.  Yet these qualities that Paul writes about are exactly the qualities God has toward us at those times when we fail, when we are not the presence of Christ that we are called to be; in other words, the times when we sin.  

Sirach, as we hear in the first reading says...

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The family is the place where we can learn of these qualities of God, these qualities that Paul speaks in his letter to the Colossians.  But as the Colossians were under attack, so are we in the modern world.  The family is no longer seen as the very necessary place to discover God and for God to work in us.  It is in the family where we can truly see ourselves.



Yet we see more and more that the world says that the family is really not necessary to teach us all those qualities that Paul in his letter wrote about.  The world seems to indicate to us that both parents need to work so there will be more money, more security, etc. for the family.   It takes real courage to put the family first and to see it as the place begins God's work begins in each of us.




We can learn that our families are important to each of us.  It is there where our faith can begin.  It is there that we can see where the qualities of Jesus begin and develop in each of us.  

Of course, the world challenges this.  


Where are we in all your different types of family?  Where are we with our parents, with our sibling, with all the different people we know or deal with?

They can show us out in ability to love when they are not as we wish.  What a blessing.

We are called to pray for our own conversion, so we can forgive and have mercy and compassion.  

Don't listen to the evil one who always says that the other person is at fault, and that that person needs to come to me first to admit fault.  What a lie. 


There can always be a need for us to pray for ourselves to have...






the ability to bear with one another,

to forgive one another;

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It all starts in the family and continues to grow in us as we encounter other people in our lives.  We are called to make God present for others.  That is the special call we received at Baptism.  And, if at times we fail; then God's mercy and compassion are there for us and we begin again.  Don't give up.  It is our way to eternal life!



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3rd Sunday of Advent Cycle A

December 15, 2019

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Guadete Sunday



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Three Candles for 3rd Sunday of Advent


Rose or Pink Candles

and optional  pink Mass Vestments for this Sunday



Wait Watch


If you are still waiting and watching daily to experience the Lord, well, today we are given that same promise that was made to the Hebrew people again and again.


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Remember, He has taken His Chosen People out of slavery in Egypt in the 13th century B.C., and then again taken them out of exile in Babylon in the 6th century B.C.

God will never abandon them in spite of their unfaithfulness.


Photo Dec 03, 7 59 42 PM


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God does the same for us, calling  us back to Him again and again.  So we can certainly "gaudete" (rejoice).

Photo Dec 03, 8 07 28 PM

But how hard it is to wait. We want instant action from our God.

The second reading tells the early Christian community, in spite of all the persecution and difficulties, to have patient endurance.

Photo Dec 03, 8 10 18 PM

When we get impatient and stop waiting and watching for the Lord, we can miss His coming.  For sure He will come for each of us in our situations and difficulties.  Never give up waiting and watching, for that is what Advent is about.

Photo Dec 03, 8 02 55 PM
MatthewWe meet John the Baptist, this strange person, preaching out in the wilderness and dressed in very strange clothing and also eating very strange things, insects!  

Today, who would listen?

Jphn baptis

Are we willing to go into the wilderness, the place or situation in our lives that is difficult and we try to avoid? Are we willing to listen to a person that seems strange and different from ourselves?  That may very well show us to the Lord.

Photo Dec 03, 8 21 22 PM


Perhaps the coming of the Lord will show us our blindness, our deafness, our lameness, in that wilderness were we did not want to go.


Rejoice and always wait for the Lord




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