Pentecost Vigil
Seventeenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

Thirteenth Sunday Cycle C

June 26, 2022
Cycle C
1 kings
In this first reading we hear about the call of Elisha by Elijah.
God has told Elijah that he needs to appoint Elisha to continue his work of making God present in the world.
And Elisha does so with great success for about nearly 50 years.
Amazing how God always provides someone to make His word present in the world.
At our baptism we too were called by God to make his word and his presence in the world today.
Remember that at our Baptism we were told we are called by God to be prophet, priest, and king.. Prophet is to make God present in the world.
Paul  wrote his letter to those Jews converted to Christianity. He told them that they no longer had to keep the practices of the Mosaic law.
As our baptism we were called to make God present in the world and to follow Him not the ways of this world.
We are called to have patience, sympathy, forgiveness, love, understanding, to all, even to the enemy which is often contrary to the practices of today’s world.
Eye for eye
13 sign
In this Gospel we once again hear that each of us has been called just like Elisha in the first reading,to make God present in the world.
We cannot be for the ways of the world , and the ways of Christ, which is love to all even, to the enemy
There may be times when we will fail, but God calls us again and again to make Him present in today’s world with His love and mercy.
God will never give up on us. 
He will always give us His forgiveness and mercy. 
He has a mission for each of us. 
When we fail God always calls us to start again.. to recognize our failure, receive is mercy,  and then to begin again. 

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