Third Sunday of Advent Cycle B
Tenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle B

Second Sunday of the Year Cycle B

January 14, 2018


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We have an account of how Samuel as a youth was called by God to lead His people.  Then much later Samuel would anoint David as king who would become the leader of God's people.


Each of us through our baptism have also been called to make God present in today's world.

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We need to remember that young Samuel did not even recognize his call from God at first.

Isn't that true with each of us.

We fail to realize that every day, in every situation, God has called us to make Him present in the world to friend and enemy alike.  

We need to view every situation, pleasant and difficult, as given to us by God, so that we can respond with God's mercy, compassion, and love.

That is our special call from God.  

At times we may fail, but that is the time to never give up but to begin again and again.


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Along with Samuel, let each of us accept our vocation, our call from God.  

Let us pray that those words that Samuel said to the Lord may also be a part of what we say to the Lord in every situation we find ourselves.


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St. Paul reminds the Corinthian's that because of their baptism they too have been called.




He reminds them that they are the temples of the Holy Spirit that dwells within them.

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The gospel gives us an account of the first disciples being called to follow Christ.



It's amazing that God has chosen human beings, which includes us, to carry out the message of salvation.


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We are called every day to make Christ present for others.
We do this probably more through our actions rather then our words.

It is a call to also love the person who is difficult or even the person who is our enemy.


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We have been called...

Will we answer in our next situation???


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