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December 2017

Third Sunday of Advent Cycle B

December 17, 2017

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3rd sunday Gaudete sign


This Sunday is Gaudete Sunday


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Rose vestments

This is the day rose vestments may be used




First reading




These words in the First Reading were addressed to the Jews in exile in Babylon (587-538 BC), who had lost everything.


These are some of the words from Isaiah that Jesus opened and read when he was called in the synagogue.  





Spirit Isaiah

Jesus is the one who for fulfills these words.


Certainly our lives today for most people are much better than the lives of our ancestors.

But we can still have times of struggles and sufferings and become very despondent. 


Jesus comes everyday to free us from our exile of sin.

His love and mercy always gives each of us the opportunity to have eternal life.





Saint Paul wrote these words to the converts at  Thesalonica. The words we hear are also for us. Through. our baptism we are on our way to eternal life.  That means that God is with us in the good times and in the rough times when things don't go as smooth as we like all of these are a part of gods plan for making is worthy of sharing his kingdom.

So knowing this we can certainly pray and rejoice always because of our promise of eternal life. 




John gospel


This gospel introduces us to a man who was sent from God whose name was John who was to lead others to Christ 

In a sense we were sent by God to witness to others by our words and especially our  actions Gods great love for us and everyone








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Second Sunday of Advent Cycle B

December 10, 2017


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Isaiah picture
Isaiah 40:1-5; 9-11



Isaiah addressed  the Jewish people who have lost everything and were in  exile in Babylon.









His words are known as Words of Consolation and were given to the people to give them hope for the future.  







Certainly these words of consolation, can speak to each of us especially in times of difficulty.  

These words can give each of us hope for the future because of the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Christ comes among us every day to bring us a way to have our exile, because of  our sins, forgiven 



2 peter
2 Peter 3:8-14


This letter was written to a community that was definitely disappointed at the Delay of the second coming of Christ.


Today we may at times pray for a particular need and the Lord seems to delay in answering us.

That can cause us to ask why does He delay?

Perhaps the delay can you help us to look at ourselves to see how much faith we really do not have.


It certainly gives us the opportunity to pray for a stronger faith.



We know that through our baptism we have been called to make Christ present in the world.  Certainly there will be times we fail to do that...



...lack mercy for the other even the strange to love the enemy, the one who bothers us or is disturbs us.

...lack patience with the person we encounter

...complain when a trouble or suffering comes

...and the list goes on and on.


When we fail, and at times, we will and we find ourselves in the Exile of Sin.  Then the words of Consolation from Isaiah can give us hope of God's great mercy and forgiveness.  He will not abandon us.


Mark good news advent


In this gospel we hear the words...


Prepare the way


 prepare the way of the Lord, make his path  straight.


In this season of Advent once again we are offered the opportunity prepare for the coming of the Lord-to look deeply at ourselves.

The Lord comes everyday, not just at Christmas.

Have we prepared ourselves for his daily coming in the people and event in our lives.  Or do we still fail to see Him in all the other people and events we encounter?


Prepare the way11



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