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Nineteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A

August 9,2020


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"I Know How God Is Suppose To Work"

I know that when things happen in my own life in unexpected ways I can clearly see that God does not work in ways that I think He should. 

Have you every had a similar experience?



Nineteen Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A
Elijah waits for the passing of God


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In the first reading, Elijah is sure he knows how God will work.  Jezebel, a pagan, has married King Ahab and brought pagan beliefs and practices to God's people and they had this pagan worship into their worship .  Elijah has told the people how wrong they are. 



JezebJezebel is out  to get Elijah.  Elijah thinks he knows how God will work.  He is sure that God will destroy the problem. 

But in fact, Elijah sees that God is not working as he expected and flees for his life. 


Elijah in cave


It is in a cave, in isolation, that again he knows that God will pass,  certainly in a storm, or in an earthquake, or in fire.  But God does not come as he expected. 







Instead, God comes in the most unexpected ways,

a small voice, a gentle breeze.

Gentle breeze


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In the second reading, we hear of Paul's desire for God to work the way Paul thinks God should work. 



Nineteen Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle A

According to Paul's way of thinking God is to make the Jews, of whom Paul is one, accept Christ as the fulfillment of the Hebrew Scripture. 

But they, for the most part, do not.  Paul is even willing to give up everything, if only they will accept Christ as the Messiah. 

But they do not.


Again we see that God does not always work as we think he should. 

Can you relate to this in your own life?

Why this problem?

Why this situation?

Why no money?

Why, why, why?

This was not how it was to happen. 




The same lesson can be learned in this Sunday's Gospel. 

Jesus is not suppose to come in the storm, on the rough waters. 

And surely when He comes and calls Peter, Peter will walk on the water like Jesus with no problem. 



And we know what happens.

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Peter doubts and begins to sink.  Perhaps in this event, Peter begins to see how small is his faith.

Maybe that same lesson can be for us when we think that God is not working as He should.

 We can never know how God will work in our lives.  He almost always will work in ways that we do not expect and in situation that we would have handled differently.


 Below is an audio clip of a story I recently came across that makes the same point that ...

God often does not work as we think He should.


To listen click below on the Story of Kyle once told me

 Story of Kyle





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Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

August 6, 2017

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In most years this is the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time cycle A...

However, when this feast of the Transfiguration falls on a Sunday those readings are use for the Eucharist Celebration


Transfiguration sign


Many of the prophets in the past before the coming of Christ were able to hint and foretell his coming.



In the first reading, Daniel gives a glimpse of a God who loves his people even when they sin.  Daniel understood that in spite of the failures of humanity God will also provide.  Certainly the coming of the Savior is foretold.  That can give each of us faith knowing that God will always love us even in our moments of failure and doubt just as the people of Daniel's Time had experienced.




In the second reading, Peter told those he was addressing and today each of us that Jesus has come from God His Father...again we can be assured that God will never abandon us.  He uses the human body to send His Son to redeem us.  Once again we can see the great love God has for humanity, even in its failures and sins and ours too.



Good to be here



Three of those who have gone up the mountain, e.g. Peter, James, and John, have experience something wonderful. They hear the voice and see an image that God truly has sent Jesus for humanity.


It is no wonder that Peter said to the Lord.


Good  to be here


They recognized that God had sent His Son for the healing of humanity.  

That event should also reassure us that God has given His Son to each of us, to provide a way for us to enter into Eternal Life.  

What love and mercy God has for Humanity and for each of us individually...





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