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June 2017

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A

June 28, 2020

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 In this first reading we hear of Elisha who was the disciple of Elijah and prophesied in Israel during the second half of the eighth century B.C. 


The reading tells us that God rewards those who are kind and charitable. 

The woman and her and her husband go out of their way to care for Elisha the prophet when he passes by their house.  


She was barren and had no son.   Both she and her husband were elderly.  Remember the tradition of the time was that a son was very important to care for the elderly. Elisha told her that in a year's time she would have a son in her arms.  And this happened. God had rewarded her.




Paul to romans

To understand Paul's language in this letter we need understand how baptism was done in the primitive church and is now an option in our Church today.




Immersion4 Immersion1 Immersion2 Immersion3

The baptized came up out of the water as a sign that the old person has been buried and the new person has  risen with Christ to new life.   

If you have experienced a baptism by total immersion you can see how the words of Saint Paul in this letter really speak.

Baptism sign

In baptism we are buried in Christ and we rise with him to new life.

Consequently, you too must think of yourselves as dead to sin
and living for God in Christ Jesus....
Romans 6 today's second readings


St. Matthew Book



Today Gospel gives us a clue as to how we are dead to sin and living for God

 We need to pray for a constant conversion or change of heart so we can become more and more the presence of Christ.

Going out of our way for the other even when it is not convenient.  

That means not putting ourselves first, but putting ourselves last.  



For each of us there will be times when we will fail, but never give up.  Failure is always a chance to see ourselves more deeply.  We have the knowledge of how merciful God it is and we are willing to start over again and again, always praying for that change of heart, for conversion.


















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Solemnity of The Body and Blood of Christ Cycle A

June 14, 2020


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Photo Jun 20, 9 13 15 PM

What does this Solemnity mean to you?

 For all of us, perhaps we reflect on the Gift of the Eucharist.

But what is this gift?

Is it just Holy Communion or is it more?


Photo Jun 10, 3 37 36 PM

In the first reading, we hear of Moses reminding the people about how God has cared for them in all the past situations.

It seems amazing that God did not give up on this ancient people in the Hebrew Scriptures, but instead He always cared and provided for them; even when they turned to idols and other gods.

For example, just look at a few of the events where  God provided for that stubborn people?   





Photo Jun 10, 3 35 37 PM
He leads them out of the slavery in Egypt





He fed them with Manna





Photo Jun 20, 9 04 17 PM
He provided a way for them not to die when bitten by the  seraphs



Photo Jun 20, 9 07 17 PM
He provided water from the rock


And the list could go on and on.  

God will never give up on his people and, for sure, He will never give up on us either.


In all these events God provided, even when the people doubted.  

At times aren't we like that ancient people, doubting that God will provide for us.  

At times, don't we, too, doubt and complain to God?


Why this difficult event?

Why this hardship?

Why this sickness?

Why this conflict?


Certainly these struggles, and more, are a part of our journey on the desert road of our life, where God leads us and teaches us, just as he has done for humanity from the beginning.


Desert road



We all need to be reminded, again and again,that God cares for us in all events.  We know that God cared for the ancients in the scripture. He provided for them. Yet they complained. Still He never left them.



Photo Jun 10, 3 42 12 PM

In the second reading, Paul reminds the Corinthian community that they are one body, the Body of Christ.


The is true for us also.





Because of our calling at Baptism, in all the events and situations of our lives, we are to make Christ present for others.

Body of christ


It is in all events and situations that we learn what it means to be one body, the Body of Christ, to love, to forgive, to have mercy and compassion, etc.  

Sometimes we will fail, but knowing our call is from God and knowing God's patience with us, we begin again and again, never giving up!



Photo Jun 10, 3 49 30 PM

In the Gospel reading Jesus scandalized many of those listening to Him. How can they eat His Body and drink His Blood?

God wants to feed and strengthen us and that is what we do at the celebration of the Eucharist,  but the Eucharist is more than just going to Mass and receiving Holy Communion.




Holy communion wine


God feeds us, so that we can go out and feed others by making Christ present for them in their lives.  

As God forgave his people and cared for them, God does the same for each of us even when we fail, when we sin.  He will not abandon us.




We are called to make Christ present to others.


Pray that we will answer that call in the events

and situations we will meet this coming week?


Photo Jun 20, 9 11 36 PM


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Trinity Sunday Cycle A

June 11. 2017

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Photo Jun 04, 1 06 34 PM

One of the points these readings can make to us is... how great God's love, compassion, and forgiveness towards us really is.



Photo Jun 04, 1 06 48 PM (1)





Photo Jun 04, 1 13 10 PM (1)
In the first reading, Moses is called by God to go up the Mountain for the second time to receive the Ten Commandments.



Remember that after the first going up the mountain and receiving the commandments, Mose returns only to discover his people have turned to an idol for their god.



But God does not give up on this stubborn people.  What great love and patience He has, and He will never give up on us either.


Photo Jun 04, 1 08 41 PM


God is so patient that He calls Moses the second time to receive the commandments. Wow! What love!

We all can fail time after time, and yet when we see our sins, God continues to forgive us, and call us up the mountain to once again, experience his forgiveness.





Photo Jun 04, 1 29 04 PM


In the second reading, Paul addresses his Corinthian community, and he ends his letter with the words we read or hear today. He encourages the ancient Christian Corinthians to make the love, mercy, and compassion of God- Father Son and Holy Spirit, present to all.



Photo Jun 04, 1 25 25 PM


That is also true for us today.

When all is going well, how easy that is; but when we may meet the person who is difficult or impossible, how easy it is to not have the compassion, mercy and love of God toward them.



Photo Jun 04, 1 39 52 PM

In the Gospel, Jesus tells Nicodemus that He has come not to judge the world but to save it, and that through His suffering, death, and resurrection, there is always a way back, a way to be saved, a way to receive forgiveness.


It is always a gift to be able to see our sins, because then we know that we too need to ask for and receive forgiveness. 


Remember that when we were baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we were also called to make that love of the Trinity, the love of God, present in our world today. 



Sign-of-the-cross 2

Maybe, this week when we make the sign of the cross and remember how much the Trinity loves us and how much patience God has with us; we may also express that same love and patience toward all the others that God will place in our lives.





God will not give up on us.

Let us never give up on ourselves or on others, 

even on the ones who can drive us crazy!








Never giveup






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