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Sixth Sunday of Easter Cycle A

May 17, 2020

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Alleluia, Christ is Risen



During the past few Sundays, the Gospel has been Jesus speaking to his Apostles at the Last Supper.

Photo May 17, 11 10 25 AM

That talk continues this Sunday.


Photo May 17, 11 09 34 AM



Jesus is well aware of their doubts and fears, as He tells them that there will be struggles ahead. They all find it impossible to understand what He is telling them.



Photo May 17, 11 03 35 AM


His suffering, his death, his resurrection are all too much for them to comprehend.




What about us today?


When we find ourselves in difficult situations, are we not filled with doubts and fears?

Jesus knows that each of us will face sufferings and challenges. These are the cross that we are to pick up and follow Him, the way to eternal life.


He tells the Apostles and us,   DO NOT BE AFRAID.


He will send the Holy Spirit to them and to us.



  Photo May 14, 1 48 39 PM

Be patient!!!



Photo May 14, 1 53 10 PM (1)
In the first reading, we hear of St. Philip undergoing many challenges. He too is filled with the Holy Spirit and is willing to face whatever lies ahead.



In times that are difficult, when we are called to go to places we don't want to go or to endure situations we don't want, how easy it is to doubt God.

That must have been where the Apostles were, as Jesus spoke to them, at the Last Supper.


  Photo May 24, 1 12 21 PM


For us, each day, we need to ask for the Holy Spirit, so that we may come to the realize that in every event and situation, we are called to make Christ present for others; his mercy, compassion, and our endurance, so that we will not give up on God working through us.




In the Second Reading, we hear Peter calling the early Christian community and us to patience.

We are to make Christ present with our mercy and compassion. Sometimes we seem to want to force God on others. In this reading, we hear Peter telling his new slave converts of  God's mercy, His great patience and love and they are to past that on.

That is something we need to pray for; to be patient and to wait to see how God will work.


It is so easy to want to think we are right and that we know how God will work and so we try to force our ideas on others.  

Perhaps, God is helping us to see our lack of patience, compassion, and humility.

God has not allowed difficult situations in our lives for nothing. 

Are we patient with all?

Are we merciful to all?

Are we compassionate to all?

Are we humble with all?

Even the enemy???


This week, God will allow many events and situations in our lives,  so that we can take a good look at ourselves.

Will we remember that death (sin) is overcome, and so if we see our failures, we will begin again and again and never give up???




Alleluia, truly Christ is Risen

Alleluia Christ is risen
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