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Second Sunday of Easter Cycle A

April 23, 2017

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Today we can, once again, experience the great compassion and mercy God has for each of us and for all of humanity.

 He will never give up on his creation.

The readings reflect this great patience, mercy, and forgiveness that God has for each of us, even when we fail.  

Wow!  Unbelievable, but true



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In the second reading from Peter's first letter, written no later than 67AD when he was martyred, tries to help the newly converted to realized what the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus had done for them.


The Resurrection of Jesus gave them and all of  us all a way to eternal life.



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Peter encourages them not to turn away from what God has called them to, Eternal Life. They, at times are tempted to turn to other worldly things. Peter tells them that there will be difficulties, but not to be disillusioned.





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When the struggles come, isn't that the time we want worldly pleasure, to escape the pain of struggle and difficulty. There is such a strong temptation to turn to sin as a way to find relief from the difficulties, the struggles, the pain, the suffering. It is the moment we can doubt as to what God is allowing to happen in our lives. Peter gives us courage just as he did to the early Christian community.


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In the Gospel, the disciples are suffering, are filled with doubt about Jesus.

 Then ...He appears to them and they believe.

Thomas is not with them and when he returns and is told that Jesus appeared to them.  Thomas  does not believe.



He is suffering, in pain, and filled with disillusion about Jesus. How could this happen to Jesus, to the messiah.


Jesus appears again, and this time Thomas is with them and Thomas believes.

Notice that Jesus comes again just for Thomas.  

That is true for each of us when we doubt, when we turn away from God, when we refuse to pick up our cross and carry it.  

Jesus comes for us, again and again, filled with mercy and love;  just as he did for Thomas.

I know that for me, when times are difficult or don't go my way, there is such a temptation to doubt that God knows what He is doing in my life.

I become a Thomas.

I can turn to sin, to worldly pleasures, so that I can temporarily move out of my pain, my suffering, my doubts.

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Jesus did not give up on Thomas when he was in a mind set of doubt and fear, and Jesus will not give up on me or any of us either.

Notice that the Resurrected Jesus  appeared usually in the presence of the community.  

Something to think about as to where we might experience the resurrected Jesus today!