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The 3rd Sunday of Lent Cycle A



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Perhaps, a good place to begin is to look at what Responsorial Psalm is  this Sunday...

If today you hear his voice,

harden not your hearts


For sure, God speaks to us in every situation, every encounter, every event, every happening, both good and difficult. These allow us to see our lack of love, (even to the enemy), compassion, forgiveness; in other words our sins.

Will we listen to what God is showing us about ourselves?

Or will we harden our hearts?


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In the first reading God's people have been taken out of their slavery in Egypt and God has even destroyed their enemy, and yet they continue to doubt and complain again and again.  



Why did we leave Egypt?  

Where is the food?  

Is God really caring for us?


When we encounter difficult situations, we can have the same doubts and fears.

Why me?

God, do you hear my plea?

Where are you God?


Moses was under attack from the people, who now are without water.  

Once again, in a difficult situation, they doubt that God is taking care of them, in spite of the fact that God had always cared for them.

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We hear the story of how God provided water from the rock to satisfy their thirst. 

When life gets a little rough, don't we have the same doubts that God is there caring for us?





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In the second reading Paul writes to the Community of the Romans, reminding them that Christ died for them, and that God cares for them in every situation.  

 For sure they were experiencing difficulties, persecutions, doubts, fears, etc.


The words of his letter can be encouragement to us today.



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Everyday God cares for us, whether we are having a good day or one filled with difficulties.  

God will never abandon us.  

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That message from St. Paul was made loud and clear to that Roman Christian community, and it is given to each of us today. In spite of what we may have to go through, God is loving and caring for us, so that we may finally enter eternal life.




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Jesus was always going out for the underdog, for the sinner, for the reject, with love.  He even went against traditions and customs of the day to show his love and concern.


Photo Mar 16, 2 40 10 PMImagine, speaking with a woman who was considered unclean.  For him to dialog with her meant that, according to the traditions of the time, he would be ritually unclean himself.  Yet, he lets her know of God's love and compassion.


Photo Mar 16, 2 59 24 PM

God will not reject anyone who comes to Him, no matter what the past years or even the past day has been.  

The same is true for us.  

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Lent is that time to see our sins.  

It is a blessing to be able to see them now and receive living water,

God's mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and love.

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 Hopefully, each day of Lent has helped us to see our sins and to turn back to the Lord with his living water, his mercy,  his forgiveness.

Each of us, when we are able to see our sins, are the Samaritan Woman.


Living water



We are the ones Jesus comes daily to heal .  

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