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Third Sunday of Lent Cycle A Readings with RCIA


Reflection on Mass Readings with RCIA


The 3rd Sunday of Lent Cycle A



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Perhaps, a good place to begin is to look at what Responsorial Psalm is  this Sunday...

If today you hear his voice,

harden not your hearts


For sure, God speaks to us in every situation, every encounter, every event, every happening, both good and difficult. These allow us to see our lack of love, (even to the enemy), compassion, forgiveness; in other words our sins.

Will we listen to what God is showing us about ourselves?

Or will we harden our hearts?


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In the first reading God's people have been taken out of their slavery in Egypt and God has even destroyed their enemy, and yet they continue to doubt and complain again and again.  



Why did we leave Egypt?  

Where is the food?  

Is God really caring for us?


When we encounter difficult situations, we can have the same doubts and fears.

Why me?

God, do you hear my plea?

Where are you God?


Moses was under attack from the people, who now are without water.  

Once again, in a difficult situation, they doubt that God is taking care of them, in spite of the fact that God had always cared for them.

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We hear the story of how God provided water from the rock to satisfy their thirst. 

When life gets a little rough, don't we have the same doubts that God is there caring for us?





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In the second reading Paul writes to the Community of the Romans, reminding them that Christ died for them, and that God cares for them in every situation.  

 For sure they were experiencing difficulties, persecutions, doubts, fears, etc.


The words of his letter can be encouragement to us today.



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Everyday God cares for us, whether we are having a good day or one filled with difficulties.  

God will never abandon us.  

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That message from St. Paul was made loud and clear to that Roman Christian community, and it is given to each of us today. In spite of what we may have to go through, God is loving and caring for us, so that we may finally enter eternal life.




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Jesus was always going out for the underdog, for the sinner, for the reject, with love.  He even went against traditions and customs of the day to show his love and concern.


Photo Mar 16, 2 40 10 PMImagine, speaking with a woman who was considered unclean.  For him to dialog with her meant that, according to the traditions of the time, he would be ritually unclean himself.  Yet, he lets her know of God's love and compassion.


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God will not reject anyone who comes to Him, no matter what the past years or even the past day has been.  

The same is true for us.  

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Lent is that time to see our sins.  

It is a blessing to be able to see them now and receive living water,

God's mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and love.

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 Hopefully, each day of Lent has helped us to see our sins and to turn back to the Lord with his living water, his mercy,  his forgiveness.

Each of us, when we are able to see our sins, are the Samaritan Woman.


Living water



We are the ones Jesus comes daily to heal .  

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First Sunday of Lent Cycle A

March 5, 22017


Review the Readings

Listen to the Readings



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We all know the story  of how Adam and Eve were tempted by the serpent, the devil; how they failed the temptation given to them by the serpent.
That sin, that weakness, was passed on to all of us, and was a great disaster for humanity.




But God in his great love for what he created interceded

and we were all given a way to find eternal life. 




Every day you and I are faced with temptations.

 We hear the tempter speak to us in our minds


Are we willing to go out of our way for the other person? 


 Why should you go out of your way for that person, you are so busy?  

Let another person do it.

Besides how you could really help anyway??


Are we willing to put up with the person who is difficult?


Who would ever put up with that person?  

You really need to let them have it.  

Don't you know you are right?  

Go ahead and tell them off and you will feel better.  

Go ahead...



Are we willing to forgive and forget?


Why should I forgive; they were wrong

They should apologize and then I will forgive

I will forgive but I will never forget what you did to me



Pray fast alms

We all know that the Church and its wisdom encourages us, during this season of Lent,  to do extra praying, to give alms, give money away, (not letting the right-hand know what the left hand is doing), and to do some  fasting and abstaining from food and things.


We all know that on Fridays of Lent, we don't eat meat as we remember the crucifixion of our Lord.

This call to fast, pray, and give alms, along with loving the other, even the enemy, is a time to take a good look at where we are as followers of Christ.


What excuses will we give not to do some extra things during Lent?

Every day we are tempted.



Mt 4

In the Gospel reading, Jesus, in the wilderness, fasted for 40 days.  He then is tempted as each of us are.
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The devil knows how hungry Jesus is and says to him,  "

Why are you suffering? You are God; you're able just change the stones into bread and to be perfectly happy.
Why do you struggle?


All of us are faced with the same temptations, time and time again.



We know it is Lent but it is okay to forget it this one time

and not go out of our way for the other,

or to have the dessert we gave up for Lent just this one time.  

After all we are only human.


We are constantly tempted to believe that if we could only satisfy our hunger we would be happy;

our hunger for more money;

our hunger for more things;

our hunger for perhaps a new car, a new home, a new computer and the list goes on and on.



Temple top

Jesus is taken up to the top of the temple and again is tempted. 


Why are you struggling with people not believing in you?
Take the easy way out.
All you have to do is throw yourself off of the temple;

the angels will save you so that you will you will not be hurt;

 the people down below will see what a miracle it is

and begin to believe you.

Life will become very easy for you.


Don't we receive the same temptation,

thinking that if people would only respect us we would have a much easier life?



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Jesus is then taken up to the top of a high mountain where he is told that if ..


...He worships the devil he will receive all that the world has to offer

and he will be very happy and have no struggles.


Don't we receive the same temptations,

thinking that if we only go along with what our world tells us, we will be so happy.


Our world tell asks us...


Why should you have compassion on a person who doesn't deserve it?
Why should you give alms way; they are just going to use the money for drugs?




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In the second reading St. Paul goes over what Jesus Christ has done, so that sins can be taken away, so that you and I can have eternal life. 
These words should help each of us to see God's infinite mercy and his infinite love for us.





For sure, we will fail at times,

when we are tempted,

and we will sin.  


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There is a way to have our sin forgiven, because of the life death and resurrection of Christ.

To receive this mercy and forgiveness we must be able to see our failures, our sins, and take them to the Lord.  

This is part of what Lent is all about.  

This can be difficult when we, deep down, don't think we sin everyday.  

So, Lent calls us to do things that will help us see our sins.

What situations and encounters will the Lord present to us this week so that we will be able to look more deeply at ourselves.



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Will we be willing to pray for the courage to look deeply at ourselves spiritually this Lent?





Will we be willing to see our sins, and then be willing to use the sacraments to receive God's compassion, forgiveness, and mercy?