Twelfth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C
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25th Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

October 22, 2013

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Photo Sep 03, 1 19 56 PMIn the first reading, Paul writes his letter to Timothy, who is now the Bishop of Ephesus and he encourages Timothy to teach his congregation the importance of prayer.




We too are reminded once again, the importance of daily prayer, especially for the poor, for the helpless, and for those who are treated with injustice.

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In our prayer we often remember our own selves, but often we forget to pray for those in the world who are in need, the poor, the helpless, those who need justice.

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In the First reading we are introduced to
 Amos who was a shepherd called by God to go to the northern kingdom, to  Israel in the eighth century before Christ.

 This was a period in history of great material prosperity for the rich, but also it was a time of great injustice of the rich toward the poor, who were treated badly. 

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Amos was sent by God to help the wealthy see how they were forgetting and ignoring the poor, the needy, etc.

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The rich were growing richer and the poor were growing poorer.



Our baptism was a call for each of us to be prophet, priest, and King.   Certainly a part of our calling is to make sacrifice, to pray for those who are in need.

You and I have been given a great spiritual wealth at our baptism; we are children of God and given the opportunity to receive eternal life. However, we are called to use this spiritual wealth to help others.

Or do we only use our spiritual richness for ourselves most of the time and forget about others?

Do we use our gifts to help others.

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The Gospel according to Luke asks each of us directly...

...Who do we serve?

Do we use what we have been given, for ourselves, or do we understand that we are to use what we have to help those who are in need?


Power Stay young

We have all been affected by the world we live in today; a world that has material wealth, power, youth, etc. as its pagan god.  It says these will make us happy.  Get all we can and we will be happy.

Do we serve that god by trying to get all we can because we believe that leads to happiness, to eternal peace?

Or do we share, use what we have to help others.

What a surprise we are in for to find that  to give, to share, is the way to eternal peace, joy, and happiness


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These readings are not to make us feel guilty, but are to help us to see who we are at times.  And if we discover that at times we do have the world's mentality, that money, power, etc. are the most important things in our lives; then the time is now to pray for ourselves, for conversion.  Pray to be able to use what we have to daily give to others.

Help others
This week is a good time to find someone who is poor.  Perhaps a person you see on the street asking for help...make it a point to give them some $$$.  


The times I have done this I made some great spiritual discoveries about myself.  The action turned out not so much to help the poor, but to help me!  What discoveries await you this week?




The Lord is waiting!




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