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Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ Cycle C

June 2, 2013

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I can remember, as a child, the procession on Corpus Christi, today known as The Body and Blood of Christ. It was time of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and that included a procession through the community with the Blessed Sacrament and a canopy over-the-top of the priest and the monstrance with the Eucharist, the body of Christ.

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However, today, the readings speak to me  about even something more.


Photo May 25, 8 12 40 PM

In the gospel we hear that Jesus is concerned about those 5000 that have been following him all day and probably well into the evening. He has great concern for them, since they have had nothing to eat all day.

So he turns to his disciple and says, You feed them."

 And of course they have no idea how they could possibly feed such a great crowd.

  Photo May 27, 12 34 44 PM

When we look at the events in our lives each day, especially in those events which are difficult. I know the Lord is saying to us, " You feed them."

That means we are called to feed them with our patience, our mercy, our compassion, our willingness to give a listening ear, etc.  We may even think, like the disciples in the Gospel, but our efforts cannot possible change anything.  Our efforts are like a few fish and a few loaves of bread.

It is so easy to say that I can't possibly do anything for them.
I don't have the talent or the ability or the funds.
That was the same problem the disciples were having as Jesus told them, " You feed them."

Photo May 25, 8 14 20 PM

In addition, every day the Lord wants to care for us, to provide food for us on our journey to eternal life.

Good shep

Sometimes, the Lord feeds us through the kindness of other people. Or perhaps the Lord feeds us in situations that are very uncomfortable and that we don't particularly want to enter into. Those types of situations can show us where we are spiritually. Do we love the enemy? That too can be real food.

Photo May 25, 8 08 17 PM
In the second reading, St. Paul addresses this community of Christians and explains to them the celebration of the Eucharist and what it is about and how the Lord feeds them and for what purpose.

 Saint Paul tells them that Jesus said that  this is the cup of the new covenant in my blood.

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What is the new covenant?
The covenant is the fact that through the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our sins can be forgiven.

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And the Lord continues to want to feed us in  the celebration of the Eucharist, the Mass.  His body and blood are sacrificed so that our sins can be forgiven and we are once again fed for our journey to eternal life.

  Photo May 25, 8 07 00 PM

The Lord is so concerned about us on our journey that every day he offers us an opportunity to be fed.

It is so easy to forget that the purpose of Sunday's celebration is for each of us, by our presence and our participation, to help feed others, and it is also a time that we can be fed.

  Photo May 27, 12 36 56 PM

How are we fed?

It can be through the presence of Christ in others, it can be in the presence of Christ in the sign of peace from the person next to you, it can be in the proclamation of the readings, it can be in the homily given by the priest or deacon, and certainly, it is in the bread and wine that have become the body and blood of Christ that we can be fed.


Are you willing to let the Lord feed you?

Photo May 27, 12 47 42 PM

Or do we focus so much on our failures, our sins, that we begin to listen to the voice of evil that says, why don't you give up?

There's no hope for you?  

You will never change.

 But all that is a lie.

The Lord, in his mercy, is always there to forgive and to feed us.

Watch for Him.

He will never force Himself on you!

Jesus Feeds us


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Pentecost Sunday Cycle C

May 19, 2013

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My reflection and comments are based on the Mass Readings during the Day

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Photo May 09, 1 59 31 PM
We know that Pentecost means fifty, 50 days after Easter, in which we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, the birthday of the church.

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The gospel tells us that Jesus appears to the disciples on Sunday after the resurrection and He says, "Peace be with you".

 At first they are terrified.

Photo May 12, 3 14 32 PM (1)

For sure the Holy Spirit can bring peace in those moments we are stressed,uncomfortable, or even afraid.  But, do we take the time in those moments to ask for the Holy Spirit? 

Photo May 09, 3 41 02 PM

The Spirt can give us strength and comfort to help us really trust that what we are going through is part of our journey to eternal life. The Apostle came to understand the importance of the effects or gifts of the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised them and each of us. 

Photo May 12, 3 21 19 PM In this reading from the Gospel we hear that the Holy Spirit comes to give us peace, and  to remind us  that we, along with the disciples Jesus appeared to, are sent out into the world on a daily basis to make God present for others

Photo May 12, 2 57 12 PMThe first reading  gives us a description of how we normally think of Pentecost with wind and tongues of fire, and must at first, been a somewhat frightening or maybe even a little terrifying experience. 




Perhaps it is in those moments when we are uncomfortable that we can encounter the Holy Spirit. 

We know that this experience changed the apostles and the disciples for their entire lives.

Photo May 09, 1 58 50 PM

From that day forward, they were dedicated to one purpose and one purpose only, and that was to bring the Good News, God's great unconditional mercy, compassion, and love, to the world.

Photo May 12, 3 22 26 PM
Nothing has changed for us today.  We are called by God to make him present for other people too.



Photo May 12, 3 00 09 PM
In the second reading we hear about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We have each been given gifts by the Holy Spirit and we are to use these gifts in the service of others.



Photo May 12, 3 04 08 PM Sometimes we think that our gifts are so unimportant that we failed to use them. There are moments we are called to use the gifts such as...

 being a good listener, having compassion and mercy, being able to forgive and forget, being able to go out of our way for others, or perhaps even just saying  a quick blessing prayer for the person that we see walking on the street as we drive by them in our car.

We have to be careful and not think that these little gifts don't really seem to matter, but they really do. The disciples could have been tempted to think that their little gifts couldn't possibly change the world, and yet we know that they did.
Those little gifts, that we have, can also change the world years from now.

So what are we waiting for?

We have received the gifts of the Spirit .

Photo May 09, 1 56 04 PM

We need to use those gifts, even those that seem ordinary and simple, in the world today.


Photo May 12, 3 21 53 PM



Use the Gifts Given


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