Twenty Eighth Sunday Cycle B
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Twenty Nineth Sunday Cyle B

October 21, 2012

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Why Suffering?

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 All of us at some time have asked the question why did Christ have to suffer, and why do we have to suffer?

What's the purpose of all the struggles and difficulties that happen in our own lives?

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We all seem to think that somehow sufferings, difficulties, and  serious problems should not really be a part of this life in our world.  And so when when they happen to us we ask...

Why Me?


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We hear from a prophet in the Hebrew Scriptures a prediction of what the Messiah will be like and what he will go through.  

We can see an image of what Christ had to go through to show us the great love God has for each of us, so that we can have eternal life.  Wow! What love!

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Every day we also fulfilled what Isaiah had predicted for the suffering servant.  

Ask for the grace to unite our sufferings with those of Christ.  Once we are dead and gone, our struggles, sufferings, rejections, and persecutions will take on meaning as to how we also were a part of the sufferings of Christ.

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Certainly we don't ask for sufferings, but for each of us they will come. 

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We hear in the Gospel reading that James and John wanted to be first in the kingdom that is coming.


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They do not understand at all what the kingdom is about.
They continue to think that is a kingdom that will happen in this world with no suffering, no difficulty, no pain, and they want to be first in this pain free earthly kingdom.

Even though Christ told them about his passion, they just could not comprehend how suffering and death could be a way to this kingdom.

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 It is hard for us to believe that sufferings and struggles in our lives  do have meaning for our journey to eternal life and also for the journey all humanity.


Photo Oct 12, 8 55 47 AMIn the letter that we hear, the author says that we have Christ as our High Priest, both God and fully human, who gives us an example, so that when struggles and problems happen to them they will not become discouraged.  

That same message is for us, who through all of the ups and downs in life are on our way to the eternal kingdom.


This may be the week ahead where we have to look at every event and situation in our lives and ask ourselves...


Am I willing to suffer for others?


Am I willing to be rejected?


Am I willing to be persecuted?


Am I willing to be the servant?


Am I willing to be last?

If, at times, the answer is, "No Way!", then we know we need to pray for our own conversion.  Courage.  God has called us and even when we fail, His Love and Mercy will embrace us.

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