Twenty-Sixth Sunday Cycle B
Twenty Nineth Sunday Cyle B

Twenty Eighth Sunday Cycle B

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  Photo Oct 06, 4 03 08 AMWhat would make you

really, really happy???

 More Money?

More Possessions?

More control over things or people in your life?

More power and fame?


The readings for this Sunday encourage each of us to take a look at ourselves and our current spiritual journey to eternal life, seeing truthfully how we live today.

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This book was written some 2000 years ago and shows the wisdom of the author, who says, to many of the Jews who had abandoned God, that wisdom is the most important gift of all.

  Photo Oct 06, 4 04 57 AM

He says that it is more important than wealth or power.  

That is not something that the world has taught each of us.  Wealth and power, taught to each of us by the world, are the most important things we can possess in order to be happy.

Often we have to pray for the gift of wisdom, so that we don't get pulled in by the attractions of this world.

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We know that the world says possessions, acquiring them, and power and control, are the most important things to have in order to find happiness.

But we know that is not true, and the author of wisdom knows that is not true.


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We we are told of  the story of the rich man who follows all of the rules and regulations of living a good life and so Christ sees his goodness and asks him to sell everything and to give up his possessions. We all know how difficult that can be.

  Photo Oct 06, 4 14 19 AM

But if we're not careful, the acquisition of possessions  can become the whole purpose of our lives, more things, more money, more control, more power.  

Finding ourselves attracted to worldly things and thinking  they can be the way to happiness, can be a wonderful gift.  That discovery can be the moment we pray for ourselves that the Lord will change our hearts, so we can see that these things do not lead us to lasting peace or eternal life.

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In the second reading St. Paul writes his letter to the Hebrews, Jewish converts living a split life. They are attracted by worldly things.

Paul reminds them how their Jewish ancestors were brought out of slavery from Egypt and who were asked to keep the promise of God's covenant so that they would find the Promised Land.

But they never came to the Promised Land because they, at times, abandoned God, and turn to other gods, power, money, possessions, control of others.

Hopefully the Lord will help us to see that we are like them in our attractions to worldly things.

That's the moment we can go before God asking for the grace to put Him first and not worldly attractions.

That can take a lot of prayer and a lot of patience with ourselves but it is not impossible.

Take the time to look at ourselves and go before the loving Lord, asking for the grace to follow Him alone.


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