The Body and Blood of Christ-Solemnity Cycle A

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Eat drink says Jesus 


What does this Solemnity mean for you?

  I think that for all of us we reflect on the Gift of the Eucharist.  But what is this gift?  Is it just Holy Communion or is it more?

In the first reading from Deuteronomy, we hear of Moses reminding the people how God has cared for them. 

I am always amazed that God did not give up on the people.  But instead he always cared and provided for them.  Even when they turned to idols and other gods.

Rember these events below?

Manna, Seraph Serpents, Water from the Rock


Manna Saraph Serpents WaterRockMoses 

In all these events God provided even when the people doubted.


I know that at times I have not liked how God cares for me. 

Why this event?  Why this hardship?  Why this sickness? Why this difficulty?

Certainly these things and more are my journey into the desert where God is leading me and teaching me.  We are no different than the people Moses addressed.  I know that I need to be reminded that God cares for me in all events.  We know that in spite of the people in the reading, God cared for them.  He provided for them.   Yet they complained.  Still He never left them.

 In the second reading, Paul addresses the Corinthian community.  He reminds them that God provides.  In every event except sin, we are a part of the Body of Christ.  In all the events and situations of our lives, we are a part of the Body of Christ.  It is in all events and situations that we learn what it means to be the Body of Christ, to love, to forgive, to have mercy and compassion, etc. 


Eat Drink Jesus 
In the Gospel reading from John, Jesus scandalized many of those listening to Him.  How can we eat His Body and Drink His Blood?

Certainly this is the Eucharist, but I know the Eucharist for me is more than just going to Mass and receiving Communion. 

I know that God feeds me at Eucharist so that I can go out and be in a sense the Body and Blood of Christ for others.  This is how I will not die.  I think that means more than my physical death.  For me that means my spiritual death through my sins. 

As God forgave his people and care for them, as we heard in the first reading, God does the same for each of us even when we fail, when we sin.  He cares for us.  He will not abandon us. 

You and I are called to be a part of the Body and Blood of Christ.

We are to make Christ present to others.

Will you answer that call... the events and situations you meet this week?


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