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As you look at the readings, place yourself in the mind of the Apostles at the time.  They do not understand how Jesus is working.  Why does He have to suffer and die.  That it not what they expect the Messiah to be.

The Messiah was to take away all their problems, especially the political ones. 

I find myself, at times, in the same mind set.  God does not work as I think He should.

The first reading from Acts is to give strength.  Why fear?  Why doubt?  We have been called to an eternal vacation or holiday, eternal life.  Why do we stand there looking up.  Thinking God is not working in the right way.

Paul's letter to the Ephesians is Paul's prayer to God to open the new Christians to how God works.  And Paul certainly knows the great mercy of God for them and for each of us.


The Gospel let's the Apostles and us know that He has sent each of us to bring his mercy, his compassion, his patience, his understanding to all, even to the enemy.

Why do we, at times, doubt?

I am with you always, He says.

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!



6th Sunday of Easter... Cycle A

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During the past few Sundays, the Gospel has been Jesus speaking to his Apostles at the Last Supper.  That talk continues this week.

 Jesus Passover

 Jesus is well aware of their doubts and fears as He tells them that there will be struggles ahead.  They all find it impossible to understand what He is telling them.  His suffering, his death, his resurrection are all too much for them to comprehend.

What about us today.  When we are in difficult situations are we not filled with doubts and fears?  Jesus knows that each of us will face suffering and challenges.  These are the cross, the way to eternal life.

He tell the Apostles and us.  DO NOT BE AFRAID.

He will send the Holy Spirit to them and to us.

In the first reading we hear of St. Philip undergoing many challenges.  He too is filled with the Holy Spirit and willing to face whatever lies ahead


In times that are difficult, when we are called to go to places we don't want or to endure situations we don't want, how easy it is to doubt God.  I think that must have been where the Apostles were as Jesus spoke to them at the Last Supper.

For us, each day we need to ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  To come to realize that in every event and situation we are called to make Christ present; his mercy, compassion, endurance.


The Second Reading we hear Peter calling us to patience.  To make Christ present with mercy and compassion.  Sometimes we seem to want to force Christ and God on someone else.  I think in this reading we see Peter telling to his new slave converts, to tell of Christ and God's mercy with great patience and love.  I think this is something to pray for.

I know it is so easy to want to be right and to force our ideas on others, but perhaps, God is helping us to see our lack of patience, compassion, humility.  God has not allowed that difficult situation for nothing.

Alleluia, Christ is Risen




5th Sunday of Easter... Cycle A

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 Did you guess who these men were?

The first reading from Acts of the Apostles gives the answer.

Deacons were selected to help with the mission of the Church.  This mission from the very beginning was to go out to others.  It was not just prayer, but to make Christ present to other through service.



In the first letter of Peter in the second reading, we hear that Christ is the cornerstone. We can look at our own life and see how, like the first Deacons of the Church, we too, are called to serve others.

I can clearly remember when I was ordained as a transitional deacon, what a priveldge it was to server the food to my seminarian bothers.  What a joy to clear the tables and do the dishes.  But then as time went on, it became a hard, unpleasant task.  Certain this is not what Christ mean.  Surely this was not the cornerstone.

Ah, but yes it was and is.  Service to others is important.  It makes Christ present.  Not just service with activity, but serving by listening to others, especially to those who try our patience.  It means serving with compassion and mercy even to those who do not deserve it.  It means serving other by praying that God bless them and give them everything that will lead them to eternal life.




In the Gospel, John tells of Jesus talking to the Apostles at the Last Supper.  They still have not realized how the Messiah works.  They believe He will overcome all the worldly problems.  He will be a political leader.  Until after the Resurrection, they don't understand.  It was the suffering, death, and Resurrection that would conquer the death of the world, SIN. 

Though our Baptism, we are a part of that call.  We are to make Christ present to others, certainly with prayer and words, but also in service.  This week take a look at all the opportunity you will have to serve, especially in things you don't want to do or times you don't want togo out of your way.

Christ has shown us that what appears to the world as failure is the Cornerstone of salvation.

Courage!  There will be times we will fail in serving others, in praying for others, etc.  But the important things is that we recognize our failure, our sins.  Christ, again and again, gives us the courage to pick ourselves up and begin again.  Don't give up.  Start again and again until our death. 

Christ is Risen, Alleluia




4th Sunday of Easter- Cycle A

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 The Fourth Sunday of Easter is also known as Good Shepherd Sunday

In the First Reading from Acts of the Apostles we hear on how fearless the apostles were after the Resurrection and Pentecost experience.  Where before they will afraid and fearful and in this reading they plainly speak out without fear of arrest, suffering, rejection, or even death.  Wow!



It is so easy for us to listen to the world's reaction that says be afraid if you speak out for Christ or if you accept struggles in the name of Christ.  Why are we afraid to be merciful even to those who do not deserve it.  Why are we unable to have compassion on the undeserving?  Why to we try to escape from those who give us difficulty...  Pray for the gift to see ourselves not making Christ present in the events He sends our way.  The problems and struggles are a gift from God.  Through them we see we often fail and we too need to keep praying for a Resurrection and Pentecost experience. 


St Peter 

In the second reading Peter is speaking to the slaves who are newly baptized.  They are told not to be afraid of struggles and difficulties.  I think he is also speaking to each of us.  In case you did not know it we are all slaves to the ideas of this world as though this is the goal of our journey and not eternal life.  Courage. 


The Gospel helps us to again recognize Christ as the Good Shepherd.  He is always watching for us as the Shepherd who is the gatekeeper.  He is always encouraging us to come through the gate, through the struggles and disappointments.  Christ shows us through His life, his struggles, his sufferings and death, the way to eternal life.  And for each of us He is there leading us on no matter how many times we have failed in the past.  At times we are the lost sheep He comes for.  Courage.




Office of Readings 5-6-11

Second reading
From a sermon by Saint Theodore the Studite
The precious and life-giving cross of Christ

How precious the gift of the cross, how splendid to contemplate! In the cross there is no mingling of good and evil, as in the tree of paradise: it is wholly beautiful to behold and good to taste. The fruit of this tree is not death but life, not darkness but light. This tree does not cast us out of paradise, but opens the way for our return.

Office of Readings 5-6-11

Third Sunday After Easter Cycle A

Peter Paul Witnessing 
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In the first reading we see Peter and the Apostles speaking of the Resurrection and what it means to the world.  It would seem to me that in the midst of rejection, persecution, and threat of death, they are willing to speak out about this event which can give eternal life to all.  Perhaps it was not so much what they said but their willingness to witness with their lives.

What about us?  Are we willing to witness to the meaning of the Resurrection?

Not so much by words but by actions.  Are we willing to listen to a person we would rather not listen to because we are too busy.  Are we willing to go out of our way for someone else, especially for the person who is difficult?

The second reading we hear that we have been ransomed from death (from sin) by the Blood of Christ.  This is given to each of us as a free gift.  Are we willing to accept this and follow Christ or do we get caught up in finding happiness, not in Christ and his gift, but in the materialism and the ways of the world?



 The Gospel

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Third Sunday After Easter 



Third Sunday After Easter



From Today's Office of Readings 4-30-11

First reading
From the first letter of the apostle Peter
Exhortations to the elders and to the faithful

Do not be surprised, beloved, that a trial by fire is occurring in your midst. It is a test for you, but it should not catch you off guard. Rejoice instead, in the measure that you share Christ’s sufferings. When his glory is revealed, you will rejoice exultantly. Happy are you when you are insulted for the sake of Christ, for then God’s Spirit in its glory has come to rest on you.

From Today's Office of Readings 4-30-11