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Baptism of the Lord...Why did Jesus want to be baptized by John?



Gospel of John LogoJohn indicated in his Gospel that he should be baptized by Jesus. 

Why would Jesus come to him for baptism?

All of us want God to come and save us from a particular problem or difficulty.  We wait for Him to come and solve our situation.  Often we miss His coming.

Jesus show us that God works through other people.  This is how God most often works.  Jesus wanted to share totally in our humanity, including to allow God to work through others.

Maybe this is the day we watch for God working through others.  Perhaps others will show us our lack of mercy and compassion.  Or perhaps our not trusting God, etc.

Isaiah scroll

This prophet tells us that one will come who will be a light to the nations; will open the eyes of the blind, will bring out prisoners, will be light to those who live in darkness.  Certainly this is fulfilled in Jesus. But through our baptism Christ dwells in us.  We are to make God present for others.  We are to be a light for the nations.  We are to open the eyes of the blind, etc.

Jesus works

I am sure that today God will work through others for each of us, but He will also call us to be the presence of God for others.

Watch how He will work in your life today.



Happy Epiphany Cycle A

Click on the following link for the readings for Epiphany.  Review them before going on



In the first readings from Isaiah what good new that was for a people in exile.  A people who had lost everything.  In a sense it says "Don't be afraid.  That can be a help to each of us who at times are down, wondering where the heck God is and why am I having to go through all these situations and problems.  The same was true for the people that Isaiah was addressing.  They had lost everything.  There seemed to be no hope for them.  Have you ever been in that situation?


In the second reading Paul addresses the Ephesians.  They are Gentiles.  They are consider not chosen by God.  Paul tells them Christ comes for all.  Sometimes we are in a place where we look at ourselves and think that there is no hope for us.  We see our spiritual selves and think that God could not possible come for me.  But guess what he does come every moment, every day.


In a sense that is the good news of the Gospel.  The Magi are pagans.  Yet somehow they are drawn to see the Messiah.  The joy of this day is that the Messiah, Christ, is for all, even for us in those moments of difficulty.  Do you not think that the Magi had real difficulties and problems in traveling to see the Messiah???


He calls you now to travel through all the problems and difficulties to the Christ Child. 


Hear the good news from these readings.