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Merry Christmas

Have a great Christmas

And each day during this season go to Bethlehem. Often it is that place in our lives where we don't want to go. "Has anything good ever come out of Bethlehem?". Look for the Christ Child in places where you least expect to find Him.

Merry Christmas

Pray for my cousin Don who died in North Dakota

Don was born in 1935 and as a child I would go to his parent's farm and work during the summer. Don was guy I looked up to. Even though I have not seen him since my childhood his death continues to show me that time is moving us on to eternal life. I am filled with sadness and at the time time joy.
Please keep Don and his wife Connie (living) and their 5 children in your prayers

Pray for my cousin Don who died in North Dakota

Fourth Sunday of Advent-A

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Click on the link for the readinsg of this Sunday.

In the first reading Isaiah is asking King Ahaz not to turn to other political powers but to trust God. Ahaz will not and won't even ask for a sign.

Ahaz King 

What a struggle it can be to trust God in times that are difficult.

In the gospel we see Joseph faced with a very difficult situation. The Jewish tradition says that a women who becomes pregnant before marriage is to be stoned to death. What is Joseph to do?

How can God work in this impossible situation? Yet He does.

God does seem to work through difficult situations somehow in and through my difficulties and struggles God will work.

Lord give me the grace to have the courage to trust. Christ will be born in us. Think that is impossible? When we see God bringing the messiah, his son, into the world, well nothing is impossible for God even working in our most difficult situations.

Courage. Wait and watch for the Lord every moment, even in those impossible moments